What Trump Needs Now Is A Short, Victorious War (with BBQ)

After a tumultuous few days of insulting the heads of state of various countries by phone (or threatening them via the Tweeter), Trump may think he's on a roll. Except for that embarrassing Yemeni excursion that ended so tragically, of course, but he won't spend much time brooding on that. He won't accept any blame, it'll all be dumped on the military that went in on his poorly informed say-so.

Frankly, I shudder to think what platitudes he will trot out to grieving families in the future.

The best he could hope for right now to stiffen the spines and nether parts of his staff, generals, and the Christofascists in Congress is a short, victorious war.

Instead of beating up on Iran and risking something really awful, may I suggest a warm-up exercise? How about Pig War II, with our erstwhile Canadian friends?

This time, instead of a shooting war, it would be a good old fashioned pig roast after some joint maneuvers (not those kinds of joints) in the San Juan Islands of the Pacfic Northwest.

Great idea, except that Canada is in mourning over some awful things that happened to Canadians who are Muslim, and Trump neglected to send his condolences for so long that it was pretty insulting

Maybe we could have Cow War instead, or Brat War up in Wisconsin? Paul Ryan loves him a good wienie roast.
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