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A to Z Challenge: D is for Dementia
Dementia is a symptom from other diseases yet it can be perhaps one of the most overlooked frustrations of both carers and people who have these symptoms: mostly because people do not want to admit to becoming incapable. It's a scary thought that you might ...

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The Inconsistency of Truth #amwriting #5amclub

4am And I find myself writing lists Under the corners of my eyelids The iris ink lingering Over the final quatrain Of this unfinished saga  

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A to Z Challenge - Corny Conversation
This one has been previously pinned up over on Ginni Bites but I feel it was worthy of another outing. This was an actual conversation between my mother and I. Uncanny Conversation  Mother: Oh you can stick your cans from Brazil too Me: Pardon? Mother:The c...

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Bills These are a constant source of worry, anxiety and the bane of my life: yet they are not even my own bills. No, the bills I hate are the ones that my mother receives because she won't relinquish the responsibility to me to be able to just pay them yet ...

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A to Z Challenge - A is for Anger
Anger is an emotion that both carers and the cared for will, and
do feel at many stages in their life together; something that not many people
care to own up for because c'mon who wants to admit to getting angry with a
little old lady. And it's not just ang...

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Blurry Sheep #haiku #travelpoem

Grey dirty smears Dashed across lush green landscapes Blurred hedgerows glide by

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CampNaNoWriMo & A-Z Challenge - Bring it on!
After a sluggish March, I'm looking forward to getting some routine back into my own life instead of trying to force it onto others (ok, maybe just my mother). and April seems to be the best month to get to grips with some new goals. I have decided that I a...

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Something I wrote with today in mind - Dear Mother #poetry #MothersDay

You fed us, clothed us, kept us warm Held us, taught us, showed no scorn Every day you gave your time your life, your love, your soul, your rhyme. You never once had idle hands You worked two jobs to meet demands and never once did you despair, complain…

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SoCS: March #SoCS #creativewriting

March has been taken in a bit of a stride around here. To begin with I haven’t felt like I have had enough time to sit down and really focus on writing or reading or pretty much anything that will bring joy. Instead I have found myself resorting to…

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A man makes his luck

He rolls the dice, takes the chance

Sometimes even wins
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