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Make No Mistake!
Make No Mistake!


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Major News!
+Ginger Software New Chrome extension is ready. Check it out! 

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Time to update!
We are excited to introduce a fresh new look which includes:
+ Localized menus for up to 10 languages.
+ Upgrade for an unlimited correction in a single click.
+ Fresh and colorful user interface with an easy and a friendly new design for a quick access to Ginger’s main features.

As always, to get a taste of our beta versions, please follow the instructions in the "About community" section just below the search field on the left side of the screen.

We are waiting to hear from you in the comments section below.


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Hi Everyone.
A quick question.
Any Turkish users for the keyboard?
Please leave a comment down below and we will contact you.
Thank you in advance.
The Ginger Team :-)

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Hi everyone.
We are working around the clock to bring out a new version for Ginger keyboard.
This time we would like to focus on the Hindi language layout and improve it.
We have gathered all complaints and requests plus issues that we were aware of and worked around these parameters to improve and fix the Hindi keyboard layout.

We are appealing to all Hindi users and those who use that keyboard layout:
1. Are you aware of any missing letters or characters?
2. Did you notice anything else is missing from that keyboard layout?
3. Any requests regarding the Hindi layout?

Thank you in advance for all helpers.

All the best.
The Ginger team.

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Dear Friends.
We hope that some of you have noticed that version 7.8.08 for Android was released.
We have improved:
Lagging and crashing
Please let us know if you find anything strange, any bugs or anything that is not for your taste.
Feel free to share and bring up topics you think we need to know.


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Greetings to all our Community members,

We have just released a new Beta version - 7.7.06!
This version includes a major Emoji improvements 😃 😊:
- New Unicode 8.0 emojis for Android OS 6.0.1 devices
- New Flags category
- Easier navigation category 
- New Emoji Art

In addition, we've also added an option to Share your created themes on Facebook. 
And finally easier switch between languages by pressing on the Space Bar. 

Please let us know what do you think on our latest version.
The Ginger Team.

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Dear Community members,

We've have released a new Beta Version - 7.6.05! 

This version includes our new 'Create Theme' feature!
In addition, we've also added new emoji for Android OS 6.0.1 devices, as well as fixed different bugs regarding the sharing process of GIFs, stickers and themes. 

* Please take a moment to answer our survey!* 
Your feedback is VERY important to us.

The Ginger Team

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Ginger wishes you all a Happy New Year!!

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We are so honored to be highlighted as one of the BEST APPS OF 2015 on Google Play!
We couldn't have done it without your support, feedback and help.  
Thank you guys!!!
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