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I'm just having so much freaking fun reading these posts ahaha...
What's this guy's story? A silly creative writing exercise.

So this may be fun for some of you. Last night, I was looking for a new sweater online, and this picture came up in the search results: There is so much … wrongness … in this picture, I began to wonder: what’s they guy’s story? Like, not the model who’s…

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We always go with Starlit Citadel for our board games. They have always been delivered in perfect condition within days to our pretty remote location. We have shopped around, and they typically have the most available inventory and the best prices, if you include shipping and handling! They also set up Canada Post to track your order through email, so that's pretty handy. I highly recommend them - 5 stars!

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so fricken cute and hilarious!

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I'm so frustrated. #bcferries is very late. Again. This happens too often. Now I will miss my bus and will have to pay much more for a taxi. What's the excuse this time?
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