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Travel Log 05 December 9th 2017
My guide took me to an outpost of a friendly species that is heavily engaged in extraction of water from rocks. I was able to watch the transportation of large boulders seemingly effortless traversing through space. My guide, said I may call him "Chip" from now on. Chip and I were sitting in surprisingly familiar chairs at a table where we enjoyed some delicious food while overlooking the spectacle.
We are travelling in an advanced, and I mean way advanced ship. There is a front area that is called view terrace, where we sat to overlook a vast area of space. The large ship you see was one of hundreds and it did a close fly buy just for me. Chip seemed to enjoy how wide eyes I was and did his best to answer my endless questions. Many he answered with "some day you will find the answers yourself".

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I have art videos and was just notified I can't place links to my artsite in my videos anymore. What's up with that??? I am on Vimeo too and though I give YouTube a try but since starting to use youtube, I had nothing but problems. Aren't allowed to monetize, now you took my ability to link to my artsite ginettecallaway, what's next. YouTube you are really ridiculous! ART... really you are censoring art? BTW I paint flowers, landscapes, Italy and now space travel images because of this youtube censorship BS I had to get off earth. I can't take the ridiculous, illogical, overbearing, juvenile, censorship anymore.

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Travel Log 06 December 10th 2017
The Sea of Amethysts
ORIGINAL Watercolor & Ink/Mixed Media Painting on Watercolor Paper
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Size: 24 x 18 inches (60.96 x 45.72 cm)

After traversing Chip’s world for about a week, I begin to realize the possibilities that lie beyond time and space, beyond the small place called Earth, where I come from. I am elated to learn there is so much more out here, but I am also somewhat saddened by the realization that earth is such a tiny dot. I was overcome with an empty, sad feeling.

Chip sensed my saddened mood. He is an interesting being. He shared small bits of information about his heritage

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My sincere THANKS goes out to a collector in #Moline #Illinois for purchasing this photograph I took on one of my trips to #Jekyll #Island off the #Georgia Coast from my +Imagekind #galleries. Much appreciated! If you too want to purchase this please follow my link.

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My sincere THANKS goes out to a collector in #Pittsboro #northcarolina for purchasing this painting #Grandmother #Apple #Tree #oilpainting from my +Imagekind #galleries. Much appreciated! If you too want to purchase this please follow my link.

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Use discount code THANKYOU2017 to get 20% off until end of December.

Here are a few of my 200 to 300 Original Paintings inspired by Georgia's beauty. Many paintings have sold over the years so I guess Georgia has made an impression with other travelers and locals as well. "
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It has been day 4th of me leaving earth. My new friends have been very hospitable and are eager to show me their expanded universe. On the 8th of December we entered a magical place. As I watched I was surrounded by color, which surprised me. There were, what is called space trees. Gigantic tree like structures that purify water. Water released in large balls attracting an interesting species every day, to absorb some of this water through their skin. It was all just unbelievably beautiful. Too much to absorb intellectually, so I just remained in a state of wonder.

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I have to leave this planet for a while. See you when I am back, in the meantime I will share my travel pictures. I already enjoy the relative silence. I did not even have to take luggage, my new friends have a small devise that will materialize anything I need for food or comfort.
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