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Your resource for all things Gin - Wine - Whisky - Rum & lots more!
Your resource for all things Gin - Wine - Whisky - Rum & lots more!

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Steam gin is a unique small scale #Belgian #Gin. Filled with flavor and know-how, This gin will convince your taste buds with citrusy delight. A real treat!

The story starts with Small Distillery (Lu Putteman and Kurt De Smet). Both can rely on years of experience in the catering industry and are well versed in hosting various tastings. Due to their strong interest in flavors, tasting and improving recipes, they devised over 100 different Gin recipes. A quest to find the perfect composition for their very own gin. Small scale experiments with extractions and macerations of fruits and herbs brought them step to the base of Steam Gin.

A real treat. Definitely.

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What a beauty...

And yes, we have a (limited) stock! :)

Trois Rivières Rum – Cask Strength 2006

Trois Rivières Cask Strength or “Brut de fût” gets its unique character from three rare distinctive factors. An exceptional 2006 vintage rum, aged in american new casks, that was brought to the desired degree of proof and then bottled. The combination of all these factors gives this Cask Strength its robust character and an array of exceptional aromas.

#troisrivieres #rhum #rum #caskstrength

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New & epic mixers from Wales - Llanllyr Source Tonic & Mixers

And we've got 'em! In The Gincubator Store. :)

Llanllyr SOURCE tonic water & mixers are crafted using their award-winning natural spring water and natural ingredients to release the essence of the spirit and deliver a world-class cocktail. The producers use Llanllyr SOURCE Natural Spring Water and natural ingredients sourced from around the globe. Therefore, they believe they have created the best mixers on the planet.

Elite chefs, including the famed Gordon Ramsey and Ferran Adria of El Bulli, have served Llanllyr SOURCE in their restaurants. This because of its unparalleled taste, quality and design.

Be sure to try them out.

Cheers friends!

#tonic #source #llanllyr #wales #uk

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Soon... On The Gincubator Store...

Rhum Trois Rivières Cask strength

Looking towards a great weekend :-)

+Rhum Trois Rivières #rum #cask strength

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New Rum of the month! 10% off on all bottles of...
Charlesville Golden Rum!
Belgium has a long history in processing sugar cane into molasses and sugar. The crusaders became familiar with the plant during the 11th century. Sugar cane was imported in Belgium since the 14th century. Antwerp was the main port and at one time there we 15 sugar producing companies active. Antwerp remained till end 17th century the world’s largest sugar producing center. During the 19th and 20th century Belgian Congo counted many sugar cane farms. One of the villages in Congo where sugar cane was grown, was named Moerbeke. The sugar cane was transported to Belgium where it was processed into molasses and sugar e.g. at the sugar factory of Moerbeke.
Sas Distilleries B.V.B.A. uses the best sugar cane molasses from local producers and a well selected yeast for the production of our Charlesville® Rum.
Rum was invented around 1650 in Western Europe (Spain, France, England and The Netherlands (Antwerp?)) by people working at the sugar processing plants who enjoyed drinking the spontaneous fermented by-products of sugar cane. The name rum comes from “rumbullion” (probably a bastardization of the word rebellion). Our recipe is based on old French writings from the beginning of the 19th century. Rum was for a long time the favorite drink of sailors and soldiers (water was often polluted and beer became quickly sour during long travels) and they believed that it could cure a lot of aces and diseases. Nowadays, rum production is mainly located in the countries where sugar cane is grown.
The Charlesville was the name of ship that transported people and goods between Belgium and the Congo and Charlesville Rum is now the name of the 2 rum versions of Sas Distilleries.
This Rum is briefly matured on virgin French Oak.

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This month's Whisky o/f Month is...

Bruichladdich - Islay Barley => 10% off on all bottles

The wild west Atlantic facing coast gave birth to this third release in the uber-provenance #Islay Barley series. Harvested in 2006 and distilled in 2007, the grain for this iconic #whisky was grown for Bruichladdich in the Minister’s Field at Rockside Farm by Mark and Rohaise French. A painfully slow distillation to gently coax the delicate oils and flavour compounds from the barley, coupled with casks carefully selected to preserve those flavours, has resulted in a whisky of exceptional complexity. Bruichladdich believes terroir matters. Distinctive, authentic and unique, this is land and dram united.

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Have you met our new Gin o/t Month?

10% off on all bottles of HALF HITCH Gin... Come and see! :-)

Tasting Notes

Nose – Lifting and aromatic with immediate hits of light citrus and fresh bergamot, followed immediately by a spicy underpinning of fresh cracked pepper, cinnamon and cool juniper berry.

Palate – Spicy notes of bell pepper and juniper meet citrus notes of sweet orange, nutmeg and a rich black tea. Hints of woody spice, touches of bitter lemon and a slight grassiness clears out the top with the smallest touch of tannin.

Finish – Long and lingering with touches of dried hay, cinnamon, black pepper, hints of eucalyptus and fresh lemon zest.

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Great Gin & Tonic at your event?

Everything is possible... and Gincubator-powered :-)

#event #phdreception #gintonic #spirits #wine #beer #bubbles #bar


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What do you think of LE Tribute's bottle design?

Their #gin and #tonic is a real tribute to the pioneers, the process and the heritage. All natural ingredient.

And yes we think that it's packed in a fantastic bottle design with great branding. :-)

Le Tribute Gin + a 4-pack Tonic is available on The Gincubator Store.


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Too early for a Gin & Tonic? We think not! :-)

#gintonic #readyfortheweekendalready

Image: Tanneke Gin, a Belgian small-batch gin distilled at The Bassets Craft Distillery
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