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Happy International Women's Day! Did you know that today in the United States, women still get paid less money than men do for equal work? I made a web site showing off some of the statistics. Spread the word.
Women in the U.S. make 81 cents to the dollar men earn doing the same job. #NarrowTheGap
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You go ladies! I've enjoyed working for my share of female bosses and in many ways I prefer it since I seem to be excelling in my profession. :)
Happy Women's day to you! Sadly this disparity of treatment in salary is widespread, not only a US problem I think.
It most likely is the case that women get paid less than men for the same job, but I submit that is also the case between men doing the same work as well. The market dictates everything, including wages. If people were not secretive about their wages at work, perhaps there would be more "equality" in wages. Just a thought.
Studies also show women can take of more time from work than men without being percieved to do so.
There's no reason for these discrepancies to still exist in the modern world. Great site - really drives the point home.
+Nomikos Zografakis Good point. Secrecy in wages is usually a Human Resources-motivated "policy" to keep known salary inequities.... well, unequal. Sales people still have the best compensation model there is. "Sell abc = get $$. Next". Everything else is convoluted at best.
There are federal laws against that, we should start prosecuting those that violate the Law. We should not just Narrow the gap, we need to slam it shut.
Spreading the word has started, thanks Gina. 8)
What about arguments that say women don't ask for as much money as men do when negotiating salaries? That could contribute to this disparity as well.
I'm sure that +Gina Trapani is not uninformed about the global nature of inequality of pay for women. I suspect she was pointing out the problem to some Americans, who often erroneously believe their country is far more advanced than it actually is.
Some people would say that it's mostly a cultural thing. Take 20 random salesmen and 20 random saleswomen. Put them all to work on straight commission. See who your top earners are in 30 days. There's the difference in pay.
Did you know that under the Muslim laws that are coming to the US women are nothing more than property? Its true just look it up in the Koran. Oh yeah that's right, women are not allowed to touch or even look upon the teachings of Mohammad. I bet you still vote for Obama.
I have to say I have not seen this in my working life. I know, it's only anecdotal, but I haven't seen it. In the case of union construction work in Detroit women are paid more if you consider the fact that they were never actually required to work.
+Richard Reich That was my experience in the union, local 687 Detroit, Carpenters and Joiners. The company I worked for, AJ Williams, and others (Korneffel, Toby, etc.) all had trailers on job sites for women. They would punch-in, sit in the trailers all day, and then punch out. The City of Detroit required every company working in the city to have quotas on each crew, for each job i.e. so many women, so many other-than-whites, so many residents of the city of Detroit. That's the way it was. My foreman told me it was for insurance purposes. He said it was cheaper to pay the women to sit in the trailer than it was to let them on the job and possibly get hurt and have to pay insurance claims.
+Sam Gilley So the take-away message is that America's real problem is discrimination against white men.
But construction is not the only work I've done. I've managed multi-million dollar kitchens. Their was no pay discrepancy in any of the restaurants I've worked in... actually, female servers usually made more than male servers.
The take-away message is for as much as I have heard about pay discrepancies between men and women I have never actually encountered it in the work place. I was also very clear about the anecdotal nature of my findings.
I going to be the bad guy and say: I DONT BELIEVE IT!!!!
Propaganda Alert!!!
+Andrew Jones Moron or not, the trailers were there and female employees stayed in them.
I'm not disputing the statistics, I simply said, if it's so prevalent, why haven't I seen it?
I'm curious whether your evidence accounts for differences in paid leave, hours worked per week, and what constitutes the same occupation / industry.
The often cited 20% figure relies on some very skewed math. That said, even when controlling for total compensation, hours worked, and the same work, there is still about a 5% discrepancy. That 5% may still have non-discrimination causes, like negotiation, but it remains problematic.
+Sam Gilley I'm fairly sure you haven't seen the South Pole personally, either - is that evidence that the South Pole doesn't exist?
Gotta buy your condoms by the Crate ..i guess..?
+Gina Trapani last figures I saw were women getting 37% less. If the difference is now only 20% that's a hell of a jump. Still ludicrous and horrendous but my gut says the >30% less is correct.
We women... Get what we Get...& should be lucky we ..Got what we Got....cos it's a ...MAN'S WORLD......!
were you not happy untill you saw someone with more than you. the secret to a happy life is to be happy. i believe God had this covered in the 10th commandment. not to covet, does this ring a bell.
The pay gap is nearly non existent for childless women vs. men. But when children enter the picture, men end up earning more and women earn less. This suggests that there is a cause other than sex discrimination causing the pay gap. Women will prioritize time with their families over their careers, where men focus on their careers to ensure that they are providing for their children.
81 cents? That's bullshit. That's such a false statistic.
When you look at equivalent workers that gap closes to less than a couple cents.
Suzanne, same day i alone moved more than 3 tons of steel scrap to the the salvage in a 3/4 ton pickup truck, each piece was loaded and unloaded by hand by me.
+Tracy Hall I have seen the south pole... not in person, but that is beside the point. Again, if the problem is so prevalent, why haven't I seen it in 22 years... working in varied industries, from retail sales to contract delivery, from labor to management?
Whoa! Tell us how you really feel!
Someone tell Oprah she's getting ripped off! Who knows how much that woman could make as a man..
Do the same amount of work? Equal pay, equal work.
You are totally correct,But sadly it`s still going to take awhile to change.
Reminds me of this old slogan:
Women do 66% of the worlds work, earn 10% of the world's income, and own less then 1% of the world's property

Sadly that's still mostly true today - change starts with awareness, so thank you for your post +Gina Trapani
gina seems you have struck a nerve, money isn't real, it's just numbers. seems they should give us all enough numbers, then people could get on to doing something that means something, like teaching their children to be good people.
RE: CARL...Better yet Carl..instead of calling them " numbers" ..Try FUN-TICKETS..cos that's what they are! little green..Fun-Tickets...doris it me
Sorry CARL but maybe calling them..FUN-TICKETS to kids ain't a good idea...better let them grow into it..!..doris
Whats a fun ticket /little green fun tickets
Why is there so much idiotic resistance to this? Are you so called men here afraid that if the women get paid equally there will be less money for you?
Grow a couple and admit that there is a problem so that we can move towards fixing it already.
RE: MAHRAM..but i'm sorry to say don't get too many women seeking construction,building,welding,steel-erecting,roofing,demolition etc.or just plain heavy-duty sweat jobs..!! do yu now..till then..don't get yer knickers-in-a-twist...doris
RE: ROD CRAMER..."" what's a fun-ticket..? "". he asks...Rod,send me ALL the little green "numbers" you got..they're called $$$$...And Doris will let you know,when i see them..IF they are Indeed FUN-TICKETS......ok..
+doris grimshaw Why would that make a difference? If Bob and sally get paid to blow up balloons and both have the same amount of experience then both should get the same amount of pay.
Now replace blow up balloons with any other job.
Same qualifications & same job must mean same pay. Sex should have nothing to do with it.
Just be glad you are working at all!!!stop your crying and celebrate!
Wow, Gina. Thanks for doing this. My emotions are un-ironically mirrored by the reload buttons.
I agree with you ladies but as far as Doris,her name could be Bob and he or she would be lucky to hold down a 9.00 dollar an hour job.
random comment: ISLAM respects women better then any other religion.
Lol...I was going to mention honor killings, but why rub it in? Maybe Allah knows that those poor girls deserve it...
i've never heard of any honor killings happening in islam, and am sure its just someone who messed with stories or took something the wrong way, but probably someone making stuff up.
and in only certain cases are two women = to one
just watch this because im not a scholar and dont want to say anything wrong
Dr. Zakir Naik on two women witnesses equal too one man witness.
as long as the person's not a women(because of the prohibition in Islam of physical and unneeded social contact between males and females, especially because it leads to things such as adultery,etc) not because women are impure or anything, but because communication basically leads to love and other things , gay,or creepy, then i dont mind lol
Yah but if you add up all the free drinks we get, it all evens out ;)
well i heard some places were implementing sharia law which i think is pretty good, and some places are banning it which sucks, and regarding micheal hoppe's comment idk where he got the idea that it says in the Quran that women are just property
المساوات بين المراة والرجل لا يمكن ان تصل لدرجة كل شئء ما لم يتحد الجهاز البولي وتتحد الخصائص الفيزيائية ويكون الرجل يحمل ويحيض ويكون ناعما يلتوي كالافعي ومع هذا للنساء الحق في كل جميل فالمرءة ملكة وما اكرمها الا كريم وما اهانها الالئيم
أنا باستخدام جوجل ترجمة ل1. لغتي العربية ليست جيدة جدا و 2. أنا لا أميل تماما معرفة كيفية استخدام لوحة مفاتيح عربية، ونحن مسلمون ش؟
It's really heartwarming to see conservative muslims and angry white guys coming together in brotherhood to share their disdain of women.
man i just explained how islam treats women better then any other religion, so the whole showing our disdain for women thing isn't true
And I just explained how my wings are made of rhubarb, so I don't know how anyone can say I can't fly.
انا مسلم ودولتي مسلمة والمرءة عندنا مكرمة وتمارس كل المناصب ولها كل الامتيازات ولا تقف في الطابور ولا يرد لها طلب فهل يوجد مثل هذا في الغرب او في امريكا لالالالالا
ur funny, well if you don't want to listen i cant force you, but honestly do some research that's valid and u will find Islam has no flaws
+Mike Murphy I also remember listening to some reporting month ago, in the UK, claiming that any gender gap they have there was caused by these factors (woman making more sacrifice for family--i.e. daddy works longer hours and then goes to an MBA at night while mommy barely makes 9-to-5 and then stays with the kids, etc.). But then there's research like showing objectively that "female work" is less rewarded than "male work". So it seems this is a complex issue and there's still way to go for real equality.
Not only in US but in Pakistan as well, usually no senior post is given to woman (if so then not permanently she will be fired ! )
باكستان افسدها التناحر علي السلطة وتصفيات الحسابات والطمع في المال وتجارة المخدرات وافسدها من جاءو اخيرا علي متن الدبابات ويعيشون في حماية المحتل ولا حقوق هناك لا للرجل ولا للمرءة المرءة افستها الشعارات واصبحت تجارة للجنس والدعاية فقط اسف
+Osvaldo Doederlein - Yes, it is a complex issue, and that was my ultimate point. Some of the males in this thread are implying that females are not as capable as males in the workplace. That is objectively NOT TRUE, and the males who are claiming it is true are, frankly, backward idiots. But at the same time, you can't simply say we're struggling for "equality" between the sexes, and when we reach it the pay gap will disappear. Even if all sex discrimination is eliminated in the workplace, if there are other factors are at play, for instance, if women are more motivated to create a better balance between work and family life, or if men more aggressively seek out raises and promotions, then the pay gap would still exist.
My suggestion for all of you women out there is to start your OWN business and NAME your price and that of your female employees! Take control, girls!
Quite the same ratio in Finland, women's euro is 80 cents.
Why do you honestly think that is? Shouldn't women take a stand as well... at least if not more pay, then less work? Isn't the world finally at a place where a woman can be whatever she wants to be with hard work and determination - as long as she stands up for it? I'm torn on this issue because I understand the fight, but I don't want my daughter to think, "Oh well, women get paid less anyway," or something like that.
I hate that 'close the gapp' only accepts american participants. This is a worldwide problem.
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