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Exceptional first episode of A Show by Ze. So much to love about this.
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Positivity rules! Not enough of it around.
I need that face to recite the Blade Runner "Tears in the rain" soliloquy. By Friday.
At first I couldn't figure out what was different, but when he gets going he doesn't blink... That's the Ze that I laughed at like a loon for so long.

Welcome back!!
Todd V
Just in time for the election season!
Ray Lin
falling in the deep
Actually uplifting! Thanks Gina for sharing.
If you have not experienced Ze Frank before, you should check your interwebs and make sure you are getting the whole thing (call your interweb provider and ask them to clean out your line, could be jammed up....). You are in for a treat if you go back to his old archive and watch those episodes.

If you get it, you'll love it. If it's not for you then move on, nothing to see here (I feel sad for you but hey, not everyone has the same tastes).

Thanks for posting Gina!
Looks like ze has had some life experiences that have increased his wisdom a bit. Always loved his earlier show. Looking forward to where this new direction takes him.
This is perfect. This video spoke volumes to me.
I didn't know Greg Kinnear was so pithy, young AND blonde. Seriously, good stuff, I've missed Ze.
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