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I paid them $2.50 for the mp3 - love it!
I love this video I played like 12 times when I found it lol.
bit over posted though everywhere else :/
como yo puedo manda un video a facebook mepuedes desir pofaboramiss..
Yeah. And the song itself is great too.
My God! How many hipsters does it take to play a guitar?
Thanks for sharing this, I love their style.
Love the guy to the far right. So stoic and disinterested.
These are friends of mine from BTown. Here is my favourite video they did. Unfortunately it wasn't a music's called ceiling kick. Times can get boring when on tour. Ceiling Kick - [Walk off the Earth] Don't worry +Ryan Barkwell (You'll know who I'm talking about) made it out alive.

When they do go back on tour everyone should check them out. My wife describes them as band who you can see enjoys themselves on stage.

Ceiling Kick - [Walk off the Earth]
I'm only 1:31 in and I have to post, this is awesome. Thank you!
The version by Pentatonix is pretty good too!
listening good song is pefect way to start new day:), thank you very much
I love you very much this song
Great share! I didn't know the song, but I really enjoyed this rendition. I kept thinking about the practice hours that went into it!
Whoa, that was pretty cool, I have seen one person playing several instruments before but have not seen several people playing one instrument (at same time).
+Gina Trapani 110% totally in agreement. Wow, and I thought patting my head and rubbing my stomach was hard! Talk about total coordination and synchronization! :)
So awesome! I posted this same one on my FB a few weeks ago. I like this version better than Gotye's. :)
Thanks for sharing Gina! Magnificent.
I never heard this before I think but I like every song on the planet (for the most part)
they are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!i saw the video like 2 years ago
Yeah, this vid is what made me a fan as well. I also like their version of Ice Cream. Not as great as Sarah McLachlan's, but different...kind of corny and funny. :)
This song is better than the original in my opinion ! I have this version on my iPod.(:
this was played as a motovational thing at one of our sports day meetings! it actually helped to see that we had to work together to become superstars..
hay..its those people who play all at the small time! soo cool!
Yeah I saw this video about 3 months ago when it was posted on G+. All time favorite still.
great cover, i saw this the first week it came out :o
The point where woman look up along the way is cool!
Interesting view. Love the song, but it seems they are playing it on everything lately. Glee, American idol, The Voice.
i love this cover so much, can't get it oout of my head
Song was new to me. This rendition is very creative - and it sounds great! Thanks for sharing!
Jon Dye
neither version is preferable to silence.
I feel a little sorry for the guitar......
This is the reason I first heard this song. :) glad to see it on the charts!
Great! very creative.....God bless you.
My music teacher showed me this in class!
This is so brilliant!
This is the best cover ever! I can't believe that it has more views than Gotye's official music video!
I hope they make enough money from the sales of their song so that they can buy more instruments. I feel a bit bad for them, having to cram together over one guitar like that.
I think I like it better than the original. These guys have some other pretty cool stuff too worth watching.
OMG!! Love love love it! I am addicted to this version!! Listened to it today at least 23 times!!! <3 right +Motavis Jones ?? XD
i like how they are all playing the same instrument very "AWESOME"!!!!
Look at the bad ass in the hat who strums the top of the guitar errryonce in a while
You all need to see the Pentatonix version! So much better!
LOVE this one. Saw it a while back and forwarded it to everyone I could find. =)
I love this song and this cover! I enjoy it more than Gotye's version.
WOW! that was awesome
Crazy how stuff goes viral again after it went viral like 2 months ago, lol :)
You are the best!!!
I can click replay every time it ends and I will not get tired of it! Such an amazing song! Makes me think of my ex boyfriend... Shouldn't have ever broken up with him... This song makes you think
Dnt tink of him find a new man ad dat will make u 4 get him i know it will .
that's great.good job
Haha, they've sooooooo many instruments. :) I've seen other videos of them, and they're just using one guitar here to be cool.
this is amazing best cover I've ever seen!!!! <333333333
Fascinating. It would take that much help for me to play the guitar. the coordination is amazing. Thanks!
I absolutely love this version of this song!
Wow, only 100,000,000 people watched that before you.
my youngest daughter watched this constantly for about a week straight, and then complained when only goatye was on the radio :)
Kimi K
wow. nice!
Thankyou for being a wonderful person and posting this video on Google+. BEST SONG EVAR!!!
We found this about 6 months ago... AWESOME! Still love it!!
This level of team work requires scrupulous hygiene :)
Is that the lead singer of Nickelback in the middle?
great song, good coordination between all especially with only one instrument
I love this song. :)
This is one of the best songs i've listened recently.
it's awesome... God Bless
Remember when everyone was posting this on Facebook about a month ago? Good thing the google+ crowd is so cutting edge!
Best one I've seen in a while !!
the Best one song that i very very love it
Great Gotye clip! Thanks for sharing Gina!
They're amazing with what they do using one instrument between the 5 of them. You are right Alicia!
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You would think they could afford there own guitars.
This is really friggin cool. Never would have thought of using a single guitar as every instrument like this.
iyan ck
Outstanding !!, Better than the original I think
Hahaha I love the guy on the far right. He's just chillen, holding the guitar and occasionally strumming a few frets xD
That was amazing, nonetheless <3
'Practical Team Work at Play'
I think I may actually like that version more...
At least they have they're clothes on in this video....
Excellent just heard this song for the first time a couple weeks ago. Awesome job!!!
Wow, check out the rest of Walk off the Earth. Pretty awesome!
Hate to burst your bubble, but this ain't live.
Actually I love bursting bubbles but given we've never met there's not the same level of satisfaction.
Love is god. Love is beauty. Love is love.
Loveoooooooooooooooooo is zero. I min nighting.
Discovered this about 6 to 8 weeks ago... that is 4 weeks before the original. As a result, i can't stand the Gotye rendition, but this one blows me away !
I reaaaaaaly like it! ' -'
Am I the only one who find much of the stuff in "Explore" old stuff seen elsewhere? this one, not that I have a problem with it, because you can't get enough of version :)
Sooooooooo 2 months ago... but yeah, cool cover
Been seeing this, like 3 times in the "Hot" stream..
ping he
This is great
because its freaking awesome .
marvelous vocals so crisp and striking ty
Truly amazing talent.....5 musicians performing with one instrument..
How did you find it,it is a great song.
The amazing thing about this song, it doesn't feature Pitbull, he is everywhere, the Akon of 2011-2012
Cu Lu
Wow. Amazing . I love it!
Love it, they were on the Ellen show and we're fab
Original is by an Australian band .. this was number 1 here in oz and has been in our top 40 for 40 weeks now .. so over this song .. move along ;)
Wondered where key of awesome got their version from .. now I know :)
love it. it listened this song in a bar two years ago. thank you for sharing it. and it take me to that impress night
love the original but this version is also fantastic
one guitar and so many people thats really cool
Thats an awesome song, im trying to upload but it says my account dosent have a link wat do i do. Yall voices in talents go together like puzzle pieces i love it
Sam M
love it. fantastic work....
Watch this video all the time for the video and the song. Thumbs UP!
i downloaded this as soon as i heard it
Very talented group....enjoyed that with my morning coffee
Every time I watch this video I am speechless. Talented seems so not enough to describe them.
You are just GREAT!!! I sent your video to my daughter (13 years old) who plays guitar.. I would love if she could do such a thing!!!
Great song+++++++++&very good music
Nice to see Eric Cantona playing the Headstock
Auc Hsu
OMG five guy play one Acoustic guitar!!!!
its absolutely awesome and i luv dis song
They did a pretty good job on that.
I actually like this version better than the original.
its really kool wht these guys did with a single guitar
Great cover!!!Gotye the F-ing Man from down under!!!chick doing cover killed her part-Blondie's badass singer
that's cool seems like something that could be popular
Cuando termino con el silencio, fue la mayor demostracion de un gran talento y creatividad. Very Nice.
I'm amazed this is still going around. Great cover though, interesting group
..this is better than with soda..
I think this is way better than the original by gotye
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This cover group is way better than the official video who reminds me more of the female version of Alyssa Morrisett.
Amazing song but this version tops the original.
But then again, anyone that comes second always finds somethin to improve. But like I said, this version is the best.
I love this song! just love the lyric,, great song agtet a after a breakup instead of putting the blame one to another
I love the song and how they play it, its just so cool that 5 people can play one guitaur and make one full song and get a hit out of it!
Bah, ognuno ha i suoi gusti......................................
5 people playing a guitar is awesome and cool i wonder what there next cover will be for and what song it will be.
Ten z prawej to Siara!


Tu Polska! Przejmujemy ten film ;)
I actually prefer this version as compared to the original.
Thanks for posting...would never have seen it otherwise.
Mi piacciono, originali e creativi oltre altre alla bellezza del brano musicale ...
Just three words... IS THIS POSSIBLE !!?? :-D
i have this vidéo on my facebook wall!! thank's anyway!!!!!
T ogether E veryone A ccomplishes M ore
Ensemble Chacun Accompli Davantage
This is fab love love this version very talented
I really like it because I like it so ??????????????? as you
very nice song!!!! really like it ;)
love this song this and the glee version are AMAZING
Very very nice... ;-)
That is like my favorite song go on youtube and type in ebony day cover of somebody that i used to know
D Ruiz
WOW, just WOW
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