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Excitement about Google Glasses ratcheted up to 11 after seeing this video. Just wow.
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I just finished watching that too, Gina...pretty dang cool...
What is that backing music? I keep hearing it used for adverts,trailers, and promos.
+Mick Butler Lovers' Carvings by Bibio. It struck me too so I looked it up, used in Kindle adverts I think
No question, promising technology with lot's of applications. Key success factor will be design. Nobody would want to wear a borg-like helmet. Wonder if the pictures on the google plus place are real stuff or not?
Talking to your glasses seems a little weird. Then again, mobile phones where strange at first also.
I want to get excited, but it's not going to work as well as this video shows. And I don't think that's a hardware limitation; it's all software.

Also, insert snarky comment here about the guy in the video making his coffee in a Moka pot.
If this is more than a vision. Wow!
Lover's Carvings, by Ambivalence Avenue
I think this will be enough to finally get me to wear contacts. Assuming of course they can't adapt them to fit regular eye glasses.

Am so going to want to get a pair of these.
I want to be a contributing part of this. Who's hiring to develop for this?
Greg M
In order to use this reliably one has to use cell data network which means a 3 yr contract here in Canada. So it looks like G+ will still be around when/if this product ever sees the light of day and can be reliabily mass produced. God help us if its sold through the cell carriers as each version will have a different o/s on it.
It's all fun and games until someone gets hit by a bus because they aren't paying attention.
want a pair NOW! reality of it happening just as it was seen in the vid? 0% in the next 3 years, 0% in 5 years 0% im sad...
It depresses me to realize they're likely going to be rather expensive if/when they do come out.
i would sell my car and probably a few body parts to have tech that is amazing.......and gets regular updates
Amazing concept. Can't wait to see how the team figures out how to make something so close to our eyes focusable.
Cool but think I'll stick with my new tablet when it arrives, not sure I could get google glasses in my prescription lol
I volunteer for the beta testing!
Where are the Google ads? Google needs reoccurring revenue! :)
this is by far the most intelligent and most sophisticated piece of awesome i have ever layed eyes on. i can't wait until it becomes a reality!!!!!
Hmm, I don't know anyone that voice commands their phone, so I'm struggling to imagine people would want to talk to their glasses. Although I love technology, this just seems a bit too invasive for my liking... Also, the whole sharing of everything you look at ruins the art of describing something to a friend is a bit lost if you just show them the photo every time.. I think this sort of device would be best utilised as a piece of work equipment...
Facetime..facial Hyped but sadly useless. Nice technology but, no.
Just saw your comment at the bottom, +Steven Harris. I talk to my phone, but I still tend to hide it -- either by acting like I'm talking to someone ON the phone, or by lowering my head and covertly issuing the verbal command.

Giving me glasses will overcome our current technology's most cumbersome and subtle obstacle: physical interaction. I don't want to hold the thing I'm interacting with.

Whether single, double, or multi-touch, the solutions available today are still only an alleviation to that most disappointing hurdle: having to touch my device to get it to do what I want.
This is great and very cool technology, but we thought people talking on the cell and driving was irritating, oh and wait until someone gets hit by a bus when their focus is on a pop up at just the wrong moment...
This would be fantastic if it works but I'm pretty sure it won't. I haven't found a voice-to-text system reliable enough to use it entirely.

Maybe I just need a US accent. 
+Benjamin Johnson Were any of the other voice-to-text systems you used made by Google? They pretty much perfect everything they attempt.
+Scott Beaudry sadly yes though I admit it was an early version of Android. I'm waiting for my next upgrade to try them again though.
So strolling around in East Village and Soho is a feature of these glasses?
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Man it is great to be alive. Wow. And he can play the uke. Just frakkin' wow.
I think it's interesting, but I'm a bit wary because although I don't fear change and technology, I still have that concern in the back of my mind about us getting too advanced for our own good. In addition, I'm worried about how people may misuse this new innovation, especially in regards to viruses, malware, and spyware.
+Gina Trapani Thanks so much for posting this. My excitement level was close to 11 even before seeing this video. Now, wow !
Apa kabar gina saya tidak terlalu lancar bahasa ingris, doyu speak indonesia...??????
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