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Better post ordering in the stream and automatically disabling public sharing on limited posts--two big improvements coming this weekend.
Kelly Ellis originally shared:
Hey guys, just a quick update on the Google+ project. We're grateful for all your great feedback, and I wanted to mention two improvements we're rolling out in the next few days.
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Wow they're really approaching customer feedback in a novel way, huh. I like it.
This should calm down my socialphobic friends a bit. 
I've been thinking about this since I saw it earlier. I'd like the option to block resharing of limited posts, but at the same time, it would be good to be able to allow it if I choose. A post I limited to people in my city earlier got several reshares even though it was only relevant to people to where I live. Would be a shame to lose that.
What a great way to share updates and tips. I am definitely going to have to play with this... Thanks +Gina Trapani!
Thanks for sharing. I like how this video was done, very informal and personal, yet obviously official.
Great! Those were two of my big burning questions, already solved!
+Martin Bryant agreed. There's a use case somewhere in between: Where I don't want to pester people in all of my circles with what seems like a limited interest post, but I still want them to be able to re-share it with other like minded people in their circles.
She said that limited posts will not be resharable "publicly" so I think they'll still be able to be reshared within a circle. Did I get that right? Circles lose their assumed privacy benefit in allowing sharing at all, but then there are use cases like +Justin mentioned where you do want things reshared. Very complicated issue and difficult to get right.
Correct +Jeremy Couch. We're rolling out a change whereby limited posts can't be re-shared publicly, but you can re-share limited posts to circles. (+Martin Bryant, +Justin Wayne) Of course, as an author you can always disable re-sharing on a given post, if that's your preference. Just look for the triangle menu at the top right of your post. Thanks +Gina Trapani for helping to spread the word. And thanks everyone for your feedback -- keep it coming!
Thanks Matt, that's great - just what I wanted!
Thanks for the correction +Matt Waddell. I think you've struck the correct balance. On a related note, as the author of a post I'd like to be able to change its visibility after the fact without having to reshare it (thereby loosing the attached +1s/comments). Right now I can edit the content by not who can see it.
This is a tricky issue, and the fact we can even consider this kind of resharing control is impressive. How many people have ever asked Twitter for the ability to restrict their followers' ability to retweet?
The difference is that everything you tweet is explicitly public to begin with, except for DMs, and I'm pretty sure you can't retweet DMs (not a big twitter user, though).

Edit: Sorry, I think I misread your comment; I initially thought you were complaining about the impending change.
+Sarah Pavis that's a fair point. I think it would still be reasonable to allow the author to reduce the visibility of a port, just not expand it once others have interacted with it. Although designing a straight forward UI for that may not be worth it, for what's likely to be a fairly low frequency use case.
No, you're right, +Tyler McHenry , and I knew it wouldn't take long before someone pointed that out. But in a way it only furthers my point that Twitter being public-by-design, while certainly a key to its success, has its limitations.
Great conversation, y'all. (Born in the South so "y'all" comes naturally. It's also an awesome word.) As +Raymond Johnson and +Jeremy Couch both alluded to there's a ton of subtlety in post visibility and resharing, and we're working hard to give people meaningful and understandable choices around both. Appreciate the thoughtful feedback.
Yes, +Matt Waddell , and my take-away from the resharing discussion is this: if you have secrets to share and can't trust the people you're sharing with, there may not be much the technology can do to guarantee secrecy.
You're exactly right, +Raymond Johnson , no matter how hard you try to restrict access to something you post, it's only a copy-and-paste away from being public.
+Matt Waddell One suggestion. I just tested a post with location and it looks like those can be reshared too... unless you manually remove that option. Even if most posts are resharable by default I think posts with location should be a special case where resharing is turned off by default.
+Linda Lawrey there are some clarifications to the "resharing of limited posts" in the comments here that I thought would interest you.
I disagree Aaron, because any reply made to the post is visible to everyone who was included, and it's only right to be able to know who will be able to see your reply.
WoW isn't this how we all wish every roll out goes. I have to say this is one of the best I have seen.
The second feature mentioned sounds like a way to reorder your post stream to keep it more relevant to you, which I'm a little leery of. I think Reader and Facebook both have a 'magic' feature that attempts to float the content most relevant to you to the top. Its a solution to solve a real problem, but I think anything that gives perceived inconsistent results is going to be something I wont use.

Order it by date of the post, order it by date of the last comment, anything consistent - a choice I may not like but I'll learn quickly how to deal with it. I'd be disappointed in any reorder scheme that I couldn't consistently turn off (Facebook never remembers I want to see all posts, Google search never remembers I don't want to use instant search).

Order it in a consistent manner, but use visual cues to raise or lower awareness of posts and you might have a winner.

I think circles solve so many problems, including keeping your post stream from overwhelming you.
+Charles Scott Johnstone It's the same on the Droid phone. It says something about being a .mov file and then just displays the photo even though it's a YouTube video. Strange I agree.
Cant watch this video in the amdroid plus app surprising as its youtube...
Don't feel bad Android users, I can't display it on my iPad either. 
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