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For those of you who file away email expense receipts in a Gmail label all year long, this extension comes in handy around tax time when you want a PDF/hard copy.
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I used this to aggregate all of the "Notes to self" I did via voice actions on my Android phone.  These get emailed to your own Gmail account with "Note to self" in the subject line.  I had over 125 of these emails I wanted to combine into one Google Doc.  Opening, copying, switching tabs and pasting was proving arduous.  This app did the dirty work in seconds!
Very handy Gina, I appreciate it!
I've been encouraging my Mum to go this way and do away with the physical file full of pulped wood paper. Having moved myself some years ago, to the paperless filing system in the cloud, I can confirm that it is easier to manage and (in Australia at least) the taxation department is okay with electronic records.
So do it people
This is useful for me. I hate to print but receipt needs to be printed. 
Interesting, but if you're keeping track of receipts and expenses for tax purposes I would strongly suggest using Expensify instead of Gmail labels. Much more capable, elegant and flexible -- and no printing hacks needed.
Interesting, but it seems like it could be a real problem if your email account were ever hacked...?
The same could be said about a home office burning to the ground too.  Do the best to secure important things, mitigate influences and surrender to the things that are out of one's control.
Suhweet! Anything that makes tax time easier is great by me!
I have been trying to get through my e-mails any advice guys plz
thanks i did it and it is useful.

Don't bulk print it, save the trees.. 
.. no, no sarcasm here, I'm serious.
Please consider the environment before printing any e-mail.
The reason to store digital is to save the trees.  You don't have to turn it back into paper for the IRS.  They now will accept digital copies for you tax returns if they audit.  That is why that new business scanner is so popular.  It files all your receipts in a digital folder broken down how the IRS wants it.  I try to not use paper for much of anything these days.  Pay all my bills through transfer of funds and deposit all my checks using a photo image of the check taken by my smart phone.
Do the trolls get paid to "comment" on posts like this one? By the way, nice app!
Thats awonderful bundle of work of printing.

Anil Deo.
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i appreciate ur accepting thank u.
Man, if only there was a folder available by default where one could save their receipts.
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I already use this extension +Gina Trapani I love it for printing news stories when producing a show. I supplement the printer with CutePDF which then auto backs up to a dropbox that I share with the other producers and writers in my office. That way i just have to email articles to myself which get redirected to a folder if it has certain subject. It saves me a lot of time gathering articles.
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I just want to be able to print emails directly from the gmail app... I can't believe that they don't have this feature yet. I sell cell phones for a living and this has cost me Android phone sales before, the customers bought an iphone instead.
This will save me hundreds of hours a year. Thank You!
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seems to be gone? or bad link?
Anyone know where this went?  It is not present in the chrome webstore currently.
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