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DO WANT KNOWLEDGE GRAPH today so we can discuss on This Week in Google.

Shot in the dark: Is there a secret URL somewhere on Google that will hasten its appearance in my results?
Introducing the Knowledge Graph. When you search, you're not just looking for a webpage. You're looking to get answers, understand concepts and explore. The next frontier in search is to under...
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Google's changing something? Better call Al Franken and the FTC to investigate!
Guessing this is the "Googlification" of their Freebase buy?
I think this is pretty damn amazing. As they build this up, the opportunities for acquiring knowledge should explode! Yes, I am excited by this :D
+Robert Cooper I was going to say, sounds like their Freebase service they bought - what - two years ago?
I don't have it yet, but I did find it kind of funny that the photo of the Phone (Nexus), Tablet (Xoom), and Desktop (Chrome on OS X) that the Android tablet has an iPad Safari screenshot.
I'm sure this is one of the steps to create a Siri clone for Android as this could be the engine to perform it.
Is this where the huge whitespace on G+ will be used for as well?

Otherwise, I'm not able to see this yet with the "give it a try" link. Not in europe and not with NA VPN.
Tim Box
Not seeing it here, but then again not sure what I should use to invoke it.
Please guys discuss how this will compare to siri when voice is enabled on Android. I often think people done respect Google enough when it comes to services. This knowledge search plus voice integrated into android might be something to look forward to in Google I/O
Greg M
Danger Will Robinson.. Information overload. I can not even get the "supposed" Chrome tab sync to work but perhaps that is because I am in Canada and maybe we are not allowed to sync tabs up here. I am currently using Bing search on my computers here as I got fed up with Google returning hits of required words in their Google Ads.

P.S. Seems that the Google+ app has a problem when installed on iPad. The ability to edit your own posts is not possible as the normally available Edit option in the drop down menu in lower right corner of post is missing if one uses iPad.
Gina looking forward to TWIG and hope Google gives you a preview to show us on TWIG :-) come on google please
chad o
This sounds a bit like an ontology project like Cyc, or whatever. (there are some other ones out there). I'm guessing google figured out a way to build them algorithmicly, rather then have people enter them by hand. That would be a major step forward, although it's probably been done (of course, they could have started with a base ontology that had been released publicly)
What a huge development. Thus will be a game changer.
I just got it on my account.... this is going to be a huge game changer. On point, relevant facts without jumping to lots of Google speed.
Say, do you think it's what The Goog is planning to put in all that left hand white space on G+? Maybe a per-post boxout, or an agregate theme derived from your stream?
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