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Very excited to start hosting +All About Android tonight! Come watch live at 5pm Pacific
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Can't wait for it.... Also can't wait until the first time we hear Etta in the background :)
I am an Apple fan and spent 2012 using an iPhone. All is explained in the link. Current phone is a Galaxy Nexus.
Bring it on. We are all looking forward to your android insights. Will we get a "change log" too. A Jeff Jarvis intro may not be needed though. 
Good luck, not that you need it, from across the pond! 
Looking forward to hear your comments about android as whole , after been developing and using iOS for awhile
I look forward to hearing this. +Gina Trapani Can I convince you that all mobile apps should have cloud backup? Do Android apps that don't have tablet versions of the UI pass muster in your book?
Awesome! Although you do like the Apple a tad too much (troll troll troll ;-) )

I also noticed +Sarah Lane commented. Have I fallen into an alternative reality where +Gina Trapani dumps iOS and +Sarah Lane uses Google+?
Congratulations, Gina! I have the feeling the show is going to be better with this formation rather than the original one. Count me in as a listener.
i'm sorry, but the name AAA is already patented, android beaten by patent again :P
Definitely going to queue AAA up in antennaepod. Great addition to the team.
I am returning to AAA because Gina is soo awesome
Excited about you joining the AAA Team Gina! I'm going to make it a for-sure listen now.
I'm glade they listened to my recommendation. Looking forward to the download. 
+Brian Gonzales they are the two best bits. I get to find out about most of the new apps I install in those sections.
Nice. Missed the live show but I'll be watching it tonight.
You will make an excellent addition to the AAA-crew.
Yes! A very welcomed addition. A big improvement over the last co-host
come on people, it ok to welcome +Gina Trapani to AAA, but no need to throw low shots at the last co-host.
I watched and Gina you did an excellent job - Gould work trello fan :-) 
+Gina Trapani  is  the perfect host :  clever - funny & pretty!! This just HAS to be another success story for the twit network:P Good luck ! 
+Kevin Esmeier you don't listen/watch that often then? :-) She got a job with YouTube.
Thanks +Kevin Esmeier I need more podcasts. I've not looked but hopefully they are both good and in mp3 format as I listen to twit in my car and on my Bush Internet Radio whilst washing the pots. (If you're American this will seem Alien no doubt)
+Kevin Esmeier I suspect our tastes are different :-) I don't really listen to This Week In Law unless there is nothing else on, same with Social Hour. I usually listen to TNT, AAA, TWiT, Twig, The Tech Guy (if its a weekend and I'm listening to the stream). Sometimes other shows too. I'll checkout 5by5 though.
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