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Reorder your circles-useful new feature.
Brett van Zuiden originally shared:
Hey there, I'm Brett, and I'm an engineer here on the Google+ Circles team. We’ve
been hearing that you want a way to reorder your circles -- so when
you add people, view your stream, or share, that list of circles is in
the order that works for you. We thought it was a great idea, and today, we’re launching this on Google+.

Let me show you how it works. Go over to the Circles tab and down to your circles. Now you can move your circles wherever you want, just by clicking and dragging with the mouse. Plus, that order will now show up everywhere across Google+, even in the dropdown menu when you add people to circles.

I hope you like it. And as always, please keep letting us know what we
can do to make Google+ better for you.

Brett van Zuiden
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Haha, funny to see all Googlers sharing this post within a few minutes :)
Wow that was fast!!! I JUST sent in feedback that this needed to happen. You guys ROCK!!! (like it was in reaction to me. :D
Just realize you are no Googler ;) excuse me
Love it, been wanting this myself for awhile now, good to know they are listening
When I numbered my circles the other day, they didn't re-ordered in the left navigation... I will try it manually now
Awesome now I would like to group circles so I can focus on some streams while others I can hold off on.
I'm really enjoying seeing Google folks in these videos. Very nice to put more faces to the brand. Smart.

Bonus points for the giraffe!
Cool! I was just thinking of this same feature...It's like Google is in my head.
One small change... the whole left panel needs a make over imho
Wicked!! I just was thinking about this earlier when I a little circle rearranging, and voila!!
Now if only we can get the ability to nest circles, they'll be perfect!
How about the ability to define circles based upon Set Operations on other circles? Circle C = Union of Circle A and Circle B? or Circle D = Circle B - Circle A as we dont' want any of those people getting those messages if you know what I mean! [;)]. Plus all the other set operations and you know do it as a circle set expression language with +Name or -Name too. Thanks!
That is niiice! Very handy addition to G+. Now if only I can share this via the G+ app on Android... ;-) 
Bao Ly
Super nice!
Haha wow this is great, just earlier this week I tried clicking and dragging the circles because I added some new circles and it didn't work. Now, just a few days later that option is here. Very cool. I'm excited for the official launch!
Oh, and did I mention Filtering of streams aka circles by (1) contents of posts, comments, and linked content, (2) tags which means you'll need to add tags to posts... thanks again. Keep up the great loop circling new features to add in!
Oh, alpha numeric sort on circle names in the circles page and the menus would be really easy to do and very nice for those of us who like sorted lists. Thanks.
I just tried this and it doesn't seem to work in Chrome for Mac OS.
Thanks, this makes things a bit easier for organizing!
Happy Happy Happy... Joy Joy Joy... Thanks for letting us all know!
Finally - it means I can drop my attempts at trying to figure out a way to do it.
+Brett van Zuiden What would be even nicer is showing a count of new/updated posts for each of the circles (in the stream list). Right now, there's no way to quickly know if there's something new in a given circle (and the main stream can get very crowded very quickly). If people don't want to have this information, perhaps it could be a display option?
It works for me, Win 7 with Chrome
I don't mess with the Circles themselves much, but I like the fact that changing them changes the order in the drop down. I have 11 circles, and when I want to share with a popular but lower-down-the-list circle, the window with the list inevitably snaps closed. This will help me avoid that.
Does that mean Giraffe is on the menu at the cafeteria?
It would be nice to be able to do this to Sparks, Top Black Bar Nav, and the thumbnails on the top right. Or at least have the thumbs be the most recent interactions.
Now if we could only filter the stream based on Circles a and b but NOT circle C and then set as default..
I second that Michael
+Michael Thies or at least when I click on Friends I dont see my own streams. Seems pointless to see your own.
The giraffe is obviously code for the agents of the Trilateral Commission.
Well done! Even better than the circle management, is the knowledge that feedback is important. And heard.
Great very useful thanks google + team.
Wow. That IS nice. However a much more useful feature would be the ability to collapse the comments on a post without installing an extension.
Now if only I could have a "default circle" for the stream to go to instead of viewing all circles by default.
Just tried it, worked as expected. Using Chrome.
Things get done fast when the project manager is a giraffe.
Just started following you. Awesome posting! Thanks Elijah X
Refresh your browser tab if it's not working for you yet.
Refreshing the G+ did the trick (duh!)

Wonder if they are going to roll this out to the G+ mobile app since the circles there are still in alphabetical order and not following my preferences. Demanding little bugger, aren't I? :)
thanks for this share. . .resharing. . . .
This is cool. A similar thing should be added for the reorder the pictures in an album
You can recorder the images within Picasa. Just choose to edit the album. 
now if only the fixed that i had to refresh the page to hide the bazillion comments
Brett you wear the shirt of champions!
I think it is great that google seems to be really putting in effort to be as personal as possible with G+. It makes sense to be social with the users of your social service. Thanks for the info Gina.
My favorite part was the random giraffe at the end. I love randomness
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