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Engagement on G+ has been extremely high for me compared to Twitter and Facebook, measuring solely by number of replies to posts.

I've been tracking my Twitter and Facebook reply rates for a few years now. My all-time most replied-to tweet received 349 replies 5 months ago ( Only one other topped 300 replies.

After just more than a week of use with field testers, and a couple dozen posts, I've already got a 229 reply thread, and a few others hovering around 100.

ThinkUp. New ideas. Dashboard. Tweets. All Tweets; Inquiries; Most replied-to; Most retweeted. Replies. All Mentions; Conversations. Who You Follow. Chatterboxes; Deadbeats; Popular. Followers. Follow...
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Agreed, Gina. This is a totally new game. >:D
It's just great that everyone is continuing to participate and engage.
Helps that G+ is all around Google services ;)
Cant miss it when updating calendar, reader or gmail..
Maybe not a Facebook-killer, but still great.
Ben Huh
+Gina Trapani Agreed, but you really should post more animal photos and see the engagement go through the Googleplex.
Glad to hear that, I just really hope I can convince my friends to get on here.
Yeah, for me Twitter now seems so difficult to use. So much effort needed.
A lot of interesting collaboration going on at the moment. I hope it continues.
But you have to figure in that we don't have as many people to comment on at this point, so we have to take what we can get. Once our streams get overpopulated, will the trend continue? Really depends on how well people use circles I guess.
That's really fantastic. I'm not seeing that kind of interaction rate here, but I'm not nearly as known as you are.
I say we shoot for a billion on this one. Shared
+Gina Trapani Guess we know where the better place to focus efforts are... It almost doesn't matter if they have more users.... This is going to totally become the way of sharing and interacting...

Obviously the audience currently on G+ makes a difference (social g33ks), but we've probably entered a brave new world here.
The replies and engagement simply speak to your awesomeness! 
You may have the fastest comment-rate I've seen yet, 19 in 5 minutes.
It's terrific to see people tracking and providing these kinds of statistics. Thanks, Gina!
Could it be that we are all using it as a enhanced twitter blogger tool, and not a facebook replacement?
I really like the approachability Google+ seems to offer. +Gina Trapani you seem approachable, as many others, where on Twitter the conversation was less trackable and continuous. Group conversation was nearly non-existent, and required hashtag tracking to even attempt it.
There is something about this format that makes me feel comfortable replying to people I don't know. It might be the fact that if they get tired of my replies they can just move me into a "people that irritate me circle" and I don't have to get my feelings hurt.
Totally agree.
GOOGLE+ really averaged / aggregated the best of FB, microblogging, etc.
I hope it will help artist to be more listened and visible.
The place where I live is big but music, tastes are very low quality, even in young generation.
Should I move to Berlin...!?

The problem is, is that this is a closed environment (for the moment) and it's easier to get quality posts that we can see and comment on, but when it's opened up again, I think it will be harder to find the posts I want to comment on, when I am busy skimming past the ... hmmm.. chaff.. that will get on here shortly.
interesting. So, will you be shifting solely on G+ and part your ways from both facebook and twitter? OR the experimentation is still not over with G+ before making the final decision.
+Anthony Dawe Agreed. Google+ makes unknown people feel more familiar, because they show up in comment streams, incoming, and the + selector dropdown. They make it so easy to address people, and find new people to engage with.
Friendfeed has been doing this for years. Once Facebook bought them, the technorati bailed. Now this same tech is available as Google and everyone thinks its new.
The force is strong with this one.....Google has started off great so seeing some of the best traits from the popular social networks work here....and the drawbacks excluded.....

we have more control over who sees our posts.....or whose posts we want to see.....and even can still group them into circles so maybe u only listen to them on Saturday....

im liking it so far.....but most of us "WANT" to be here.....i'll need some help convincing some friends it seem......that might just be laziness or the human stubbornness of accepting change
The comment dynamic on G+ is very similar to the lively engagement that we enjoyed on Jaiku in 2006-2007. I'm thankful to follow so many people who want to actually converse instead of tweeting throwaways.
I love G+ , I hope it will be open soon because the most important thing, for any social platform, is to have all your friends around.
+Chris Andrews Yeah, I agree with you about convincing friends to come on here. I'm having difficulty getting my girlfriend to have any interest at all.
+Gina Trapani By posting those numbers, you are only challenging use to make sure that this post has a record setting reply count for you. :)

Okay, let's see how many replies we can do!
I think it will be very interesting once Google+ is in a position to start representing brands. I find Facebook is one of the most effective ways of communicating brand news and information at the moment, and if Google+ can replicate that alongside the high level of engagement that is currently being shown then both Google and the brands that use it could be onto something special.

However, I think that is at least 6-12 months away simply because the numbers aren't viable at the moment for most brands to divert their marketing spend to a fledgling social network, even if it is Google. A few tech brands will dip their toes soon, but for the main part it won't be until 2012 that we'll see a major commercial investment in Google+ participation. Plus Google has told brands to wait - do they have something extra up their sleeve?
Would still love to be able to cross-post to G+/Twitter/Facebook from Hootsuite/Tweetdeck, as many people I interact with will forever live on one platform or another, not multiples, and »many« will not change.
Oh they will come... I have a feeling they will not be able to avoid the Google.....
To expand on +Josh Haley's point, Facebook bought up FriendFeed just before it came into its own. The system now on G+ is familiar to the FF remnant, but to most people it is new.
HootSuite Will integrate it for sure because, they don't want to die! 
I'm not sure why engagement seems so much better on G+. I can't point to any one feature that makes people want to read each others posts and contribute thoughtfully. But that's what seems to have happened. I'm hoping it just becomes part of the culture of the service and that culture becomes self-reinforcing, so that even when it's opened publicly it won't break down. I guess we'll just have to see though. It's only week two.
Google needs the comments view collapsible, though. Or show only those in your circles who reply/comment, perhaps?
AnthonyMentzen: Bingo. I see it something like the way a brand new Windows box screams and makes you wonder how you put up with the old machine for so long.

The real test is what happens after you load the HD with 500 Gb of image files and stuff a bunch of apps into the start up folder. Same deal for G+ once it goes public.
I'm seeing the exact same increase in engagement. I have thousands of people following me on Twitter, just a few hundred here and the number of replies are almost the same!
Also, the speed of G+ makes posting feel more immediate compared with, say, Twitter.
Its new, it looks pretty, and we all are so excited using it... Let them go public...

Those that use facebook is because it was popular...

Google is a popular name. People are not going to be such loyal facebook fans... More or less they want new and exciting... I mean have you heard any radio station in the last decade?
it could also be the better sense of security in the stuff we can on or pics arent really stored on "twitter" itself......

my pics here are mostly.....on here.....

and to relate to the idea of the post....ive had more ppl comment here than they ever did on twitter......without me needing to create a politically fueled or controversial statement
I'm referring to level of engagement as well. I have countless posts on Friendfeed that garnered hundreds of responses while Ms Trapani, as she stated, rarely could do the same on Twitter. Thing is, I'm a "nobody" or just a user compared to her celebrity.

Friendfeed has always had "large response" posts for many users. Google+ tech allows and encourages the same. It's not new, with regard to the encouragement and success of "large response" level posts.
I think a lot of the involvement seen here is because this is a new product and people are eager to try it. It seems common sense to me that there would be more engagement than on Twitter because I can come at any time, see the original post, read all the comments in context, and add my own contributions. Twitter doesn't work that way.
Twitter's 140 characters are rather limiting for a serious discussion.
I think the real test of Google+ will come once it's opened to the general public. Right now, the userbase is relatively small, so it's easier to find posts in your stream that you want to respond to. That could easily change when another million+ people join.
just wish they improve sparks a bit and i can add some of my clsoe only following people like you but dont ahve many frnds here..
+Rdn Tmsn I think you under estimate inertia on FB. People who use this will probably be limited to those that aren't interested in creating troll accounts and people that aren't interested in posting one liners like <3 to each other on FB, as is the case now. It also appears G+ is raising the bar on online literacy in posts.
I also think that if you live within the Google family of products, specifically Gmail, then there is no escaping Google+ once you have an account - with Twitter you have to leave what you're doing to check on a conversation. With Google+ it tells you at the top of Gmail, Calendar, Reader, whatever, that you have replies, added to a circle, etc. and you can reply from within the notification itself!
+Gina Trapani , the real benchmark to compare G+ to should be Friendfeed, especially in its early days. I don't know if you were on it then, but +Robert Scoble was. I'm sure his engagement rate would be interesting to compare, then to now.

In case it's not obvious, but it probably is, why Friendfeed and not Twitter or Facebook? Twitter is limited in length with generally public content, Facebook is limited in connections ("friendships" only, with trust a factor) and generally more private. Friendfeed had the long form content, without the mutual following requirements, and generally public content. Google+ is, though they might not like the comparison, basically what Friendfeed likely would have become if Facebook would have actively kept working on it (less the import function, which keeps things from becoming a re-broadcast of another service).
I just signed up today and have found it to be such a wonderful tool that truly will beyond both Facebook and Twitter. It's so great to be alive in these days of tech.
Posting to up your count. G+ is just so smooth on mobile that I love it. Plus ... "no pun inteded" ... its a beta so it'll only get better.
I wonder if you could come up with a way to filter out all the 'me too', 'I agree' and 'go girl' type replies from your counts. Wish those people would just use the +1 button that Google has graciously provided.
When the flood gates open, I'll still be checking the stream from my Tech News circle which +Gina Trapani is in, so I don't think her posts would be lost in the shuffle.
Right now it's more like a Twitter replacement because the people that are on are this a lot if us follow in Twitter, when the flood gates open it will be more like FaceBook, except that instead of switching services, I'll be able to simply click my Tech News circle read the public posts of those tech news individuals 
As a google tech person you are bound to be getting some great reactions, but as a lesser soul it really is like shouting into an empty cave at the minute and looking around I am not sure if the 'real people' will want to come over here to settle.
+Kevin Elliot I think our best bet is to hold off on inviting people who don't specifically ask for it until it's fully baked and open. My non tech friends will not pit up with having to refresh all day to get in.
G+'s posts are a lot like forum threads. It's easy for people to see what other people have contributed. On the other hand, Gina, if you make a tweet and people @reply you, only you see the full conversation unless the people responding to you are all mutually following each other.
With fear of repeating (because I didn't read all prev. posts) I would like to comment on the BUZZ ;) Google is creating by limiting invites. People always want what they can't have. I usually don't comment on large posts because I feel like I'm lost in a sea of voices... but to help +Gina Tripani (a fellow San Diego-ian) I figued it was woth a shot. Also, I think "unique" poster count may be a better metric...
+Stewart Evardson perhaps you can follow other people... your posts will show up in their incoming section... I've already found many good posts and information by cruising through my incoming section
I haven't been much on the social front with likes of twiter and facebook. But this very cool. It does suck you in when you are into other google products
did you count PLUS ONES!?
So at what level of engagement does it become absurd and unusable?
Do you always +1 a post you comment on? Also... android app needs a refresh button!!
I am soo engaged right now :)
+Anthony Metzen I might be an overzealous Google fanboy... I'll give you that... but as stated above by so many... You can't deny the numbers... Remember we are only in the first two weeks. Have you seen the response to G+ outside of G+? I mean, yeah, we are all in here, and rave rave rave about how great G+ is... but take a look outside of G+, and then compare that to the raving that is going on about even the latest product from Facebook... "The Video Chat" I mean, I bet you find more raving and conversation about updates to some of Google's other latest additions than you do about something Facebook made a huge deal about just Wednesday.... I just can't see the comparisons.

Sure my 16 yo sister is certainly no stand against the test of time, but when I was talking to her about G+ and mentioned it killing FB, my mom comments... Yeah right, nothing is going to kill FB and my sister was all like, well umm actually FB is getting kind of lame...

Again, one 16yo is definitely not going to be the one to call it... but I will say, when kids are feeling bored with something...

Well let's just look at this... When marketers are marketing a new product, isn't it an old rule, that you get the women and kids first and then the men just follow alone?

That being said, I am just going back into my raving about how great G+ is....Yaaaaaaay!!!! :D
+Maurice Griffin At this level of engagement, where people are just shouting random things, with little actual engagement by other commenters and the original poster.
I think this is the level where it becomes difficult to follow. Do we really have to ask for threaded replies? 
Google could added threaded replied, they could give us every single feature we want, but at some point they create a product more complicated and less usable then facebook.
I think the key difference is that the conversation is easier to catch up with on G+. If I reply to a tweet, I generally don't know what everyone else has said - especially if they don't use a hashtag. G+ gives things context.
Robert Scoble will a lot of times, MG too... 
+Rob King Especially if people use the plugtag to address people in comment replies. People will not just get notified, but told they were mentioned.
Is it just going to be geeks like on twitter, though? Or is it going to also include "normal" people?
Agree about the commenting format being so amenable to these kinds of interactions (much more so than Twitter), but don't overlook that many people are just trying out the platform and may go back to a more Facebook-like existence once their buddies arrive.
Threading would be a nightmare! Why not just call it what it is... A recorded chatroom! Like back in AOL days... Pick a topic - join a chat!
In Part i guess it comes from actually having the ability to read all the replies in order and hence form a sort of constructive discussion. Whereas Twitter it's all seperate for the Commenters. Concerning why it's not like that on facebook, i have no clue since i never used nor will use Facebook.
My previous comment on this post has taught me, the hard way, that Muting a post doesn't work as I expected it to. It doesn't only disable the notification of replies (not that I wasn't going to read them, but my txt and email are blowing up now). Instead, it hides the post from the stream and poster's profile. I'm assuming there's a way to find it again, but I'll save that test for a less interesting conversation. However, Google, can we get Mute to just mute notifications and not essentially block or remove a post from visibility (the best I can tell)?
Companies are going to love G+

That is going to be a huge market for job seekers. Those that can utilize Google services effectively first, but then also those that are specialized in G+. Can you imagine how now, when a new product is promoted on Twitter? And then think about it on G+
The post is like a winded chat room name... and you never miss out on wat anyone says.
+Tollie Williams make sure to fill out the feedback form... 
is it maybe that people are responding both to your OP and to either others comments as well, so driving further discussion
One criticism I have is that you have to keep scrolling to the bottom of the comments to see the latest ones. Unless I'm missing a trick, wouldn't it be more user-friendly to list them in reverse chronological with the Comment Form at the top, blog-style?
+James Pakele I did. In disclosure of my ignorance, and perhaps to the relief of others in this "engagement" - muting only temporarily hid the post from Gina's profile when I attempted to mute it from there. When going ahead and muting it via my email (because the email was clearly worded to say "Mute notifications"), I learned that the post isn't removed from the poster's wall or your notification window, so you can go back and check on it. However, it does remove it from the stream... which makes sense, but I think a better implementation would be to mark it as muted and freeze the live updating of comments (while viewed in the stream).
Mmm, also keep in mind that you've been posting a lot of stuff about Google Plus ON Google Plus. Self-referential posts tend to appeal a lot to...the self being referenced.
That's because your famous Gina...;)
+Ryan Jarrett on Android with physical keyboard hold <Fn> key and press down arrow to go to bottom (like cmd+page down) 
+Michael Folkerts Any tips for the web/desktop version? Best I've discovered so far is press j to go to the next post and then scroll back up slightly!
+Gina Trapani That's the thing i like about Plus. Unlike Twitter you can see all answers at once and can react on other answers and start a real conversation. Although like others said here options to minimize comments and to jump down to the latest comment would be nice, but i think google will be implementing some improvments like that soon.
It maybe that you have a larger audience now then 2moro years ago.
i suppose more filtering features will be evolving in this testing round, if G+ has to "survive" the initail excitement phase
I think there is so little activity that Gina's posts stay at the top of everyones feed (or "stream") for so long... and there is nothing else to do other than comment on her post! (At least this is true for little ol' me)
+Gina Trapani I sure hope you and the team are thinking about added Google+ to ThinkUp. Those are amazing numbers, but I wonder what will happen when the honeymoon is over.
Well, there is still that new car smell and most people can't get their friends to join so they follow popular/famous people...but I also think G+ is a much better platform for no-bodies to get seen/heard using the Incoming stream.
+Tollie Williams Muting notifications without hiding the post is much needed. I sent feedback on that yesterday.
This seem the perfect of Facebook and Twitter
I think replying in a conversation thread makes so much more sense than just shouting things into the ether
Somewhere, there's a smiling, sleepy, Google developer.

(this is comment #118)
I agree...mostly. One thing to remember is that it is still early, and many people don't have their friend on here yet, so they're following/responding to you and other more public figures just to have some interaction. I'm loving G+ so far, don't get me wrong. I just think the numbers may be artificially high for the moment.
Not only does this make for more engagement purely on a numbers basis it also has the potential to be qualitatively better as well. Imagine making a group of your 10 favorite commenters then using sparks and or hangout to get even more in depth on a topic where everyone is already up to speed and has shown a real interest.
+Serhan Saral I agree. Google+ is the best platform for the "little guy" in social media to make himself heard, because of the way Circles work, by pushing content even to "celebrities" on Google+.
As I end user I feel heaps closer to other users in G+ than on Twitter or FB. It feels more natural and easier to comment stuff other users do. Never before have the distance in between "celebrities" and "normal" people been less. That's why I personally am heaps more engaged here than when using other social media solutions.

+Gina Trapani this is an awesome experience.. seems like God took only all the best features of twitter, Facebook and covered the scope of improvement and made us a Google+... uh.. it was Google who did so. For me, you were never this accessible on any other platform and I love G+ for this too ;)
I agree ... something about G+ makes it simpler to participate and comment than in Blogs or even Twitter.
It's just simple enough and useful.
I don't think the engagement is high because of lack of friends to interact with. G+ has the greater potential for engagement because of the threaded comments. I think about how if +Gina Trapani were to post this on Twitter, we wouldn't (easily) be able to see each other's replies. If she chose to reply back to one particular person, we wouldn't see it in our Twitter stream (unless we were following that person), we'd have to go visit her Twitter page/feed directly, and then we'd also have to go and find out what was the tweet she was replying to.

Even if the case where that she posted and never read a single comment after, threaded comments allow us to interact with each other. So you don't get the feeling that you're speaking to an empty room, as you do when replying on Twitter, knowing that your @ reply is going to get pushed to the bottom of the stack by the 100 other people that want to engage in the same conversation.
It just so happens that the selected people for testing included celebrities. If this was not the case you wouldn't see any comments here that say that they feel so close to these people. The fact of the matter it so happens that since there were just a handful of people who started the only thing to do was add everyone up! :)
It's because google devised a "coolness" algorithm and applied it to early invites - so we are keen and understanding and wiling to experiment #selfcongratulatory
I think that engagement is so high at least in part because a) Google has chosen their seed audience well, and b) there's not much content over which people spread their excitement and attention. Still, I'm engaging, so maybe it just works well :)
I think the reason it seems that people are more engaged is that with Twitter it is more difficult to follow a thread of replies (or so I find) I mean I can reply, but I dont ever really see anyone elses reply. So like in this thread, people are responding not only to you, but other people who have responded to you, thus a better conversation has been created. Also, with G+ we aren't limited to 140 chars, so I can read more of the story being posted, I dont need to follow links or click on something to load a picture. If I am at home, then thats no big deal, but at work, I just want to scan through quickly and I skip a lot of links and pics just because I dont have time to look them all up. This format lets me see a lot more quicker, plus you can see a description of the link which would make it easier for me to know which one I want to click on. Thus feeding the conversation more.

With Facebook, I find that I dont follow people that I don't really now. Mostly because I dont need to share everything with people I don't know. There are also times I dont want to read about tech news, I just want to see what my friends are up to. That kind of sorting isn't available in FB. However with G+ I dont mind adding people I dont know because they just go into a circle and when I post something, if I want to share with them, then i do, if not I don't. If I want to read tech news I can, If I want to see only my friends/family I can. I think Circles has made it easier to follow many people and many interests without making it impossible to use as a personal tool as well.
i am more "comfortable" to reply to a celebrity (yourself or any other) in G+ than FB or Twitter. Plus has a feeling of "Gina is my freind and sharing with ME" and i wont be wasting her time by repling to her post.

Keep up the great work. From Melbourne, Australia.
I was so interested in getting into G+ because I wanted the conversations I experienced when Twitter started. I am getting it. However I have seen tools coming out to add your Facebook stream to G+. I won't be doing it. I won't add my Twitter either. It's what killed Buzz and FriendFeed for me. Those conversations could be enough to limit my Twitter use too.
I remember someone quipped: "Facebook is for people you already know, and Twitter is for people you'd like to know" With multiple circles, Google+ both refines and takes it to a new level.
For me many contacts of mine are unable to get access to G+
I like being able to switch the stream among my circles.. Gives a finer level of control than Twitter or Facebook. I can categorize the people I follow into subject matter circles and see all or just a particular subject matter while also being able to switch to see just the info from my "close friend" (people that I've actually met and have a real world closer connection with) circle.
I completely agree. I question the quality of the discussions once G+ is opened up to the masses. I hope the blocking features work well so as to silence the jerks that love to use these tools to 'tear down' rather than 'build up.'
I agree. The conversations I'm a part of on G+ are higher quality as well. Part of that is due to the early adopters that are here. It'll be interesting the see what happens as company pages and the general public come on board.
Are you including +1s in your 229? I like the +1.. I don't need to compose a reply.. Just Yep (+1)
Google+ is not a Facebook clone it's a whole different concept. By creating a non-symmetrical platform for sharing but with a deeper meaning for relationships than Twitter is offering, Google is creating the "Jack of trades" of social networks.

Consider the ability to create a circle of Runners who will be notified whenever you were running in the proximity. Or a network of buddies who can be notified when you are in a Bar close by.

An abstraction of ad-hoc networks in a platform that allows the users to define the purpose of the network is the next phase of social networks. In my opinion
Even though I have fewer friends on Google+ than I do on Twitter I'm seeing similar results.
It (G+) is new, fresh and interesting. Also, the signal to noise ratio is currently much better, so I give G+ more attention to the others. Circles lets me focus on the people and conversations that actually interest me.
Isn't that simply because people are excited to use the product? So they use it every chance They can? 
+Gina Trapani - thinking out loud, part of it may be that you're simply better known than in the past.

As to what others are saying about higher-quality content and better conversations, I think that may be due (at least in part) to the fact that at the moment G+ still has a limited user base, skewed heavily toward early adopters and those interested in new tech. I recall first hearing about Twitter when it suddenly rose to popularity at SXSW a few years ago; all the "cool kids" in the tech world were using it. G+ seems to have a similar feel at the moment. It will be interesting to see what happens with the public release.

All of that said, I keep coming back to the iPod analogy; Apple didn't invent the first portable MP3 player, they just fine-tuned the interface and gave people a device that instantly made sense to them and did what they wanted to do. I think Google+ is similar in that regard. They looked at Twitter, at Facebook, at FriendFeed, etc. and come up with a (seemingly) better iteration of the ideas.
It will take place few years for it to be completely mainstream, but the enthusiasm of the early adoptors is remarkable and that will carry +very high. Think of cds and high def tvs, well this is as remarkable and the only cost is time
#1. You're Internet famous, irl too
#2. Google plus invite scarcity means that people don't have all their friends to talk to.
#3. You're pretty hot
#4. Since you are the top followed woman and have received press about it you'll probably maintain this position until registration is open to all the celebrities and politicians and everything else that makes fb crap

Just my opinion. Thanks for reading 
Hey what's all that seo looking stuff at the bottom of the post?
I agree!! The reason behind this is that Google + is organized. You know what to share with certain circles and those who follow you know your interests and they like reading about them and sharing with you different point of views. I've never been so connected with my Twitter and Facebook friends like this time thanks you Google + :)
If this was Twitter, the speaker and the person replying is in direct contact, even if there are many people replying.

Whereas in G+, there's an ad-hoc community popping up everywhere surrounding each thread. I believe that engagement is high because each thread enables the creation of a small and short living community.
No way am I going to read all them comments...
Well, lets break the record then!! :)
Same here. I rarely visited and used Facebook anymore. Over it. Twitter was my go to. But now I can't get away from G+. I love it here.
Promising indeed. I hope, though, that my actual friends join instead of just those in the tech industry that I follow.
I see great potential for engagement on G+. I just got in last night so time will tell :-)
Could it be because G+ allows you to target your posts to the correct audience? I know Facebook does, but very few people know how to use it. With G+, it's so very easy for me to make sure my programming links and posts only go to programmers, and my kid pix only go to personal friends. So, my content is not filled with as much noise for the various groups, and people are more likely to pay attention and respond when I do post.
G+ do not have any restriction like 140 or 420 characters to express ur self, which ultimately results more engagement...
+Jeff Trudell Agreed, and for whatever reason, +1 seems to mean more than "Like." Not sure why that is and maybe it's just me.

The G+ interface just seems to lend itself to interaction in a way never possible with Twitter.

Google has certainly learned from the predecessor social networks. It appears to have some of the best features of several. I'm looking forward to seeing what additional features will be added as it matures.
It might just be because there isn't much to draw ones attention on G+. on Twitter I've got a constant flow of posts all day long. On G+ due to the smaller, select population I've got much less going on in my stream (save comments). So when a new post shows up I'm much more keen to read and respond to it. Likewise I also know that there is a higher likelihood that the comment I post will be viewed by the op for the same reason instead of feeling likely will get lost in the flood of a million @ replys.
The most common comment on Buzz from tech pundits before it's decline was "I am seeing a lot more engagement on my posts in Buzz".
Discussions on G+ are just way better. On Facebook, you would have to accept a request from a stalker to have a "follower". On Twitter, you can only say so much with 140 characters. G+ got it all, baby.
I would guess that people perceive early on that this is a more intimate environment given the imposed limit on the number of G+ invites. There are fewer 'friends' to talk to so people are looking for something to do. I would also guess that a large number of people are 'techies' and therefore drawn to familiar techie personalities. Though I do see G+ as somewhat a hybrid of FB and Twitter in how it handles following/friending.

Or it could just be your sparkling personality! :)
No offense, Gina, but I completely disagree with you. Comments on your posts have been high, but engagement, from what I see has been low.

What I see with the large number of comments on your posts with little to no feedback from you is really nothing more than an attempt at engagement that, sadly, you are not reciprocating. Your followers are engaging you in conversation, but you aren't engaging them.

Essentially, you're Mike Meyers in Coffee Talk:
"Talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic: Rhode Island: It's neither a road, nor an island. Discuss."

I enjoy what you say, and wouldn't be commenting here or following you if I weren't a huge fan of you and of the things you do. That's why I, as a fan, would love to see more actual engagement between you and your followers on G+.
That's because threaded conversations invite conversation.
Not to make light of your numbers, but I think that with such a small, closed community at this point, individuals may feel like they have more potential to be "heard". I wouldn't be surprised if, counter-intuitively, average number of replies and comments begin to decrease as member population increases.
I think g+ is great because it really is a middle ground between all the other established services 
I wonder if it is because in + someone will comment because they feel like you have intentionally configured your settings to permit it, where in other systems they hold back feeling that the software might permit it, but you don't really want it. In + it just feels that, if you can do, it it is because the other person has intentionally let you, so it is OK to participate.
I think the engagement is higher because there are less people on the service. Right now I am frustrated with + because I dont have as many people to have conversations with. Twitter was like this for me. When I first started twitter I followed many of the Tech Experts and got great info that way but had little conversation. Once twitter took off I found people in my industry and had great conversations. Now that twitter has hit its critical mass there is too much info and when i try to start a conversation it gets lost in all the posts. For me I hope plus gets popular but never reaches the mass audience of Facebook or Twitter once they get that big it wont be as useful.
It seems to be a much more mature form of discourse. Maybe we secretly hated 140 characters. Though it would be interesting to create a 140-character-only-circle...
Astonishing given how long G+ has, despite it still being in beta, been around! Is a two weeks? That's quite a stat!!
I think it has a lot to do with the fact that comments push the post to the top of the screen, so people keep discussing it.
So few of my friends on are G+ so far that I almost all of the status updates I see in my stream are from my favorite tech writers, such as yourself, that I follow. I might notice these writers less if more of my friends, colleagues, & family were on here. Not to mention to deluge of businesses, HR departments, marketers, & others who will inevitably join G+.
I love that it is not polluted with silly "Apps" like facebook is
When you have intelligent this to post about, which everything Gina posts is, you can't help but getting tons of feedback. The cream always rises they say.
Its no surprise. Everyone who got initial invites would be in the same kind of field. Anyone who got invites from those folks would be looking to put folks already on, in their circles.

I know the small rollout for Google+ is being criticised, but its a great way to start a community.
That's more work than I can imagine, tracking all those posts and replies.
+Gina -- If you haven't already, you may want to consider creating a +Circle of 64 commenters who have given you the most useful or interesting feedback. That might be a killer group for giving you very high S/N input on targeted / focused topics. Keep leading the way...
+Tony Bulding , I think you are going to see apps here pretty soon. Zynga has an agreement with Google. I'm not saying you'll see Farmville here tomorrow - no one wants that - but I think you'll see simple apps.
Clean interface, no ads and no annoying apps. Long life to G+!
The same here, Gina. We've been noticing a decrease of Twitter replies since the ending of last year actually. Facebook is OK, but there are many opportunities for meaningful discussion on Google+, that's for sure.
With +'s and comments, this post is up to 394. Does that count? Am I helping?! LOL
Glad to hear it. I'm excited that we have finally have an alternative to Facebook.
As you know Gina, pure numbers are not always the best way to express data. You should adjust your post counts for the number of followers you have, I'm sure G+ has a much larger engagement percentage than FB or Twitter. You might be surprised!
It's much easier for people to hold a conversation when they can easily see other replies. This is where Twitter really sucks.
I find it to be a great merger of the other two services, and I like many aspects about this.
Still waiting to see how it works in a personal social service, since so many of my friends and family members are not on the service yet.
I'm curious to see what engagement will be like when others than just early adopters join (if they do). It bodes well so far, so I'm hopeful G+ takes off on a bigger scale.
I had the same respond! I prefer ppl's engagement in G+ then on the Twitter! It seams lilke ppl just share share share but they don't even see what other Twitter users have to share as well... Still FB and now G+ are nb. 1 for me if I really want to have proper respond on my posts!
While I think the G+ interface is good, the 2 things I would consider adding are threading within the comments, to allow comments on comments, and Slashdot-esque crowd sourced moderation. Am I the only one that wonders why that didn't become ubiquitous?
I have about 10 IRL friends on this, and the posts they are generating is prodigious when compared to facebook. The ability to limit to certain groups makes me (and likely others) far more likely to comment since the worry of spamming people who don't care about the topic kinda goes out the window.
I'm finding I comment from the notifications I receive in gmail. I don't have to launch the G+ site I can just... click to view it, click on the comment section, and click post comment. It seems a lot quicker and I feel more compelled to comment and/or reply
I'm most excited to see Google Apps integration. I can think of many interesting things to do with hangouts, streams, etc for our Campus. Should be really cool.
I'm finally on. After listening to TWIG and BUZZ, I thought I knew it all but scratching my head as to where to start with it.
Are you tracking the +1's vs. like's as well?
But could the high level of engagement be largely due to the "cool factor" of G+ and will will it drop off or level out? Is there going to be a G+ module for ThinkUp?
Honestly, I think we're all afraid that this could fail if we don't. With this much engagement, we're trying to make sure we all keep posting. Go community!
Well how can I not comment on a post like this? +1? :P
Somehow I find G+ more suited for work- or specific tech related stuff and sharing/notifying people; for meeting up/discussions with friends/personal stuff I prefer Facebook much more.
Oh what the hell... +1 post. Hey! I just found out that when you type "+1" a list of people pops up!
Unfortunately It will be like everything else. When the mob comes they turn into a idiot mob.
So far it also seems to be smarter comments and discussion on here, too.

Edit: Fixed a typo
Hmph. Now that I've shown all these posts, how do I shrink them again?
Threaded comments really help, but it's also largely due to the fact that Google+ is still relatively quiet. Once it gets popular, the same signal-to-noise issues will start coming up (which means we'll need to start working on a TweetAgora equivalent for Google+ ;)
So far I'm jazzed by the quality of the community, the length of comments unconstrained by character count, the topics being discussed, the lack of game apps clogging the stream and the ability to filter and cross-pollinate Circles. and damn... there's some javascript Firefox bug making me crazy on this comment
By adding a comment to this post, I'll move it to the top of the feed of everybody following you. I think that's why you're seeing a lot of engagement. Once there are more options for timeline sorting, I think you'll see a change.
+Adam Chernow I was talking to a buddy of mine about this last night. It's the lack of anonymity that makes the discussion so much better than say, slashdot.

I'm not saying anonymity is bad, it has it's uses.
+Andrew Thompson yeah. I think that is part of the benefit here is that you know who is commenting, and therefore, there's less of a chance they'll start an all out holy flamewar ala Reddit, Slashdot, most news sites' comment sections, etc.
I also like the idea around here that you know that the person who just added you is actually, indeed, a person and not a damn robot auto following you because you dared mention a product that came out of Cupertino, CA.
I think the interesting thing is if engagement will continue after the non-techpro crowd enters and the feed will be full of drinking stories and what you had for lunch.
+Andrew Thompson Google+ currently sorts posts by showing the post with the most recent edit or comment first, and doesn't offer any other sorting option. So anything generating lots of comments stays up top.
"Engagement?" I thought you were already married, Gina. j/k ;-)
I think everyone's really excited about this - like everyone that's on it so far. I just got my invite, and I'm pretty excited about it!
This is going to be huge, can not wait to see what it will be like when they go live.
Signal to noise ratio is extremely high right now because we are in the early days. Hopefully circles will help keep it that way. We shall see. 
I'd say more about that, but it might alter the results of your truely scientific social experiment. :-D
I'm one of the guilty ones that tried out all of the various social network things and then dropped right off. Just got onto G+ today we'll see if it can keep my attention. So far I'm very impressed.
And now this one has exceeded that. Do you think the next post talking about how this post talking about engagement will get even further engagement? Or does it go so far away from reality that engagement stops? ;)
very cool, imagine when...everyone and their mother is using it
Or maybe it's just easier to count the replies here than on Twitter?
I'm not sure that the engagement level isn't a function of it's newness. An invite only closed community is going to skew tech heavy, and the signal to noise ratio is going to stay low. Adding in everyone who has an email address will certainly alter the current composition. For example, I would have never commented on this post on facebook, and I certainly wouldn't have read all the comments.
IMO, 1) shiny new toy, 2) depth of google products and their use in our lives and 3) by-nature geekiness/sharing tendencies of the early members is mostly responsible for the better engagement. 1 and 3 will eventually go away or be diluted, #2 may be responsible for if G+ really takes off or not.
I think you're seeing higher number of replies because most of us don't have all our friends here yet, so we added/follow people like you and leo. Also, since its a smaller crowd, we feel like you're more likely to see/respond to our comments than on facebook or twitter...
One of the benefits of G+ over Twitter is being able to follow the conversation. If I search for mentions of you on Twitter, I have a hard time keeping track of where the conversation is going. This is far easier. If only they were threaded so we could reply to people's comments within the timeline, and not at the bottom.
James: Request threaded comments! You're not the first to ask for this.
I just got in 10 minutes ago and I already feel like commenting more than I would usually do. Good sign...
What was it on Google Buzz? No, I'm serious - because that quickly descended into a maelstrom of noise and utter uselessness.
Liking this!!! just got invite an hour ago!
I'm really liking Google+ way more than Facebook. Much more engaging.
It's absolutely amazing and really engages people. I'm so excited.
Erich W
Google+ is the best of different platforms, buzz, friendfeed, twitter etc...
Wow. I beat your Twitter stats several times on and I am not even close in numbers of followers. Let's see how it goes on here....
I like Google+ so far, but you have to take into account the "hey, it's new" effect (I'm replying because I'm playing around with service, got an invite few hours ago).
I just got my invite today so i have no idea whats going on yet?? but I enjoyed listening about on TWIG, although its hard to know what it is until you see it...
ya i think people are currently engaged because there wasnt as many people and easier to find when you post things, that my change now that its open
I just got in today; I'm still in the "let's push all these new buttons to see what they do" phase of engagement. ;-)
I've kind of gotten the same vibe from other big names on here. I've noticed, too, that I'm somewhat more willing to jump into a discussion here with people I don't know than even Twitter; I suppose that's largely because of the fact that all things Google naturally attract tech savvy people.

Another big selling point is that is that Plus seems to be far more oriented toward developing a social network composed not only of persons within one's existing network, but also of persons of interest, much the way Twitter has done.

In any case, it's got a lot of potential and that's exciting. A social network for IT nerds sounds like something half-way between paradise and full-time employment.
I saw Episode 919 of Hak5 talking about Perl and GraphViz for mapping twitter connections, and the first thing I thought of was Gina Trapani and ThinkUp. "Jason has developed a really nifty perl script that maps links between people on twitter. His first version outputs a file ready to be converted by GraphViz into a beautiful image."
Now that social networks have been around for a couple of years people know how to use them better. G+ allows you to target with precision via circles.
Engagement higher due to the concentrated amount of users on here?
Mike St
Very new, and novel for the moment game at least
If you keep on tracking your reply rates, you'll probably need to switch to a logarithmic scale, because it sound like your going exponential (/me winks at Prof. +Mark Zuckerberg)
I find the interface to be so clean and friendly that I feel encouraged to participate rather than the struggle that is FB.
do you think that it may be due to the fact that we are in such a limited trial? there's only a few of us on here so naturally we're all going to get more attention.
well, it seems you're almost achieving a new record wit this post...
HI +Gina Trapani For me Google+ is a welcome breath of fresh air, I like the clean uncluttered UI and focus on core functionality by Google.
There is a lot of potential here that can either be realised by Google itself or developers like yourself when Google release the API's.
I bet you're itching to get your hands on them as soon as they are available.

For me Facebook is just too much of a cluttered mess and it's way too complex to manage you profile and privacy on that platform.
It's pretty much a case of growing 'too' organically with no clear structure or architectural governance... or even a robust architecture.

Maybe project Spartan will help with that, but until they launch it... who knows. In any case I am encouraging everyone I know to move to or at least try G+.
I can't put my finger on exactly why, but I'm hooked.
I think we need to get this up above 300. Go Gina
I truly think that Google+ has found that sweet spot between FB and Twitter. I find myself engaging more because I know I have full control.
Adding a reply to add to your great numbers.
This is what I think the "social world" has been waiting for all along. Kudos to Google for plugging away until they got it right!
The experience feels better.
I think it's going to be a hit with more tech oriented people. I could be wrong though.

You seem to be taking to Google+. I am still trying to figure it out.

It is obvious that Google+ requires an entirely new skill set: circle management. Friendship is no longer a binary decision. But how to finesse these exploding conversations is not obvious. I am trying to put together a best practices intro for the subtle art of circles. I am asking some of the most active early Google Plusers like yourself the following questions.

I will consolidate the answers and share them on G+ and my blog. Your answers will be anonymous, unless you agree to have your specifics quoted.

It will be helpful for everyone -- and I'll try to keep it evolving as we all figure it out.


How many circles do you have?

What are your major circle categories?

How do you decide? Do you think about it, or just a reflex?

How many folks do you put into more than one circle?

How often do you re-assign someone to a different circle?

What other circle management tricks are working for you?

Thanks, I appreciate it.
-- KK
Kevin Kelly *
Senior Maverick for Wired Magazine
It's just so easy to reply to something, I'm interacting far more with people on here than fb or twitter. It's so much more social!
I agree with Sam Castillo, its easier to reply here and feels less of an invasion of privacy than with Twitter. i.e. it feels like commenting on a blog post as opposed to sending a private message.
Never use facebook. Been waiting for google plus. Will stop using twitter. 
I would like to stop using twitter, however, I would like to be able to see who I am following separate from my circles stream. How about a Priority Inbox for your stream except that you add which circles you want in your priority stream. At first glance you could see your most important peeps.
That's because you're the Queen of Google+ Gina!
I do feel more compelled to interact here than I ever did on FB. Maybe some of that is the excitement of being involved with a beta, and being involved on the ground floor with something that will change the winds in social media.
I like the potential of G+, but how many of my friends, who are "average Joes", will make the leap from Facebook? At the least we need Google+ to be integrated with Facebook and Twitter. I think those who are techies are loving G+ without looking at how the average user will take to it.
Just got my invite. I think I really like this thing.
Yes, but have you factored in the "newness" of G+ combined with the fact that most of the users on right now are enthu early adopters? 
I like G+. even time i post on FB i do not know who will read. G+ i have some control
Just got mine last night. Looks promising, but like others said, I don't know what about it is going to pull the average FB user over. 
People like us showing and showing and showing. 
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