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Dug this episode of The Broad Experience (great name), a podcast on women in the workplace. +Ashley Milne-Tyte tackles race and diversity training in a brief, well-edited 12 minutes.
August 15, 2012 In this episode we look at the merits of diversity training for white men (for ...
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Companies should integrate this "sensitivity training" into broader annual meetings, call it "communication." In order to break down a fake persona, you need to connect on a personal level, which conflicts with business rules and may even be illegal.
I have been trying to get my sisters and college aged daughter to listen to this podcast. Perhaps because they are so young, and have not experienced the gender gap, they are just not interested. However, as a father of daughters, I feel I must educate myself to support my girls in their comming challenges. 
Gina, thanks for sharing this episode of the show, I really appreciate it. Jacob, you voice a difficulty I feel is inherent in content about women: people think it's worthy and boring, but it's not (at least mine isn't!) Thank you for listening.
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