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On a new episode of In Beta, +Kevin Purdy and I tackle translating your app, StartUp weekend-type events, and whether to call yourself a coder, programmer, or developer. Download, subscribe, let us know what you think.
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I listened this morning and it was another great episode.  Keep up the good work.  I was surprised at your thoughts on Hackathons but your explanation made total sense.
I enjoy you on TWiG so I will add this to my podcasting app as well. Can't wait to listen while at work.
Good show, just listened this morning. I really like how this show is alot about your personal experiences with your apps. I have been learning to code so hopefully someday I can use some of the advice and experiences you give on the show to help me.
I am an African but am not impresed by how we africans receives each other,the europeans,americans and the astralians are loughing at us wake up Africa n smell the coffee
I don't know if it's going to hurt iTunes rankings but I had to unsubscribe to both 'In Beta' and 'This Week in Google' due to the unbearable Podcasts app Apple forces me to use. I'm still subscribed via Downcast app.

That lousy Apple app is really going to hurt tech podcast rankings since anyone with at least some geekieness will use some other podcast app and not get the shows via iTMS.
great episode, I enjoyed it a lot. localization is such an important topic that just doesn't receive the attention it should
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