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Worked for me. Thanks +Maximilian Majewski.
Maximilian Majewski originally shared:
(Tue 03) Get new Google Bar right now!

1. Go get this extension to change cookies.
2. Load and right-click to edit the cookies.
3. Change "PREF" to this:
4. Don't forget to save your changes at the bottom.
5. Reload and you have the new Google bar.

Add me if you like this hack :)

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Worked for me just by reading about it. :P
Has anyone tried this? Is it safe?
I'm one of the ones that will wait. I want it, but I don't want to find out that by making the changes that I have messed something up later. But thanks for the tip.
Mine actually changed to the new bar about an hour ago, no tricks needed.
Yay! Now where's the link for Google Voice?
Works fine for me, but I think I prefer the old bar.
It worked until I logged in to my Google Apps domain. :(
Anyone have thoughts on bringing the old bar back? In the middle of writing a paper in Docs and the navigation changed...I am not thrilled
Worked a treat - but took a few refreshes, cookie purges, cache clears and a reboot to make it happen in my other browsers :)
Just found it by accident. A bit non-intuitive to use the logo to navigate to anywhere other than home, but seems to work okay...
I didn't even have to use it on Firefox. It is already there. Thanks for posting!
Perfection!!!! Now if I can add GoogleVoice to this navigation drop down this will be the bomb!!!
The whole world does not use Google Chrome. If you don't, this doesn't work, as the required extension is Chrome specific.
It didn't work for me :/ I tried it many times. I guess I'll have to wait impatiently for it to update for me. I even tried clearing my cookies before doing it.
Not bad, I like the new toolbar look, however, they need to work on Reader and gmail's new look some more, just don't like the new feel! I think it needs more separation and the scroll bars need to be more visable, you cant see them very well now!
It helps if when you set the PREF you set it to protected. Also note the change does not affect Igoogle, just any returned search results, and Google+
+Gina Trapani Love it. Hate it.
I like the new look, although there seems to be an excessive amount of dead space. The think I dislike is the fact that there does not seem to be any way to sort this drop down list, which would not be an issue if it was not a cluster cuss of randomness. I rather prefer to have similar apps grouped, like it used to be. All Google Apps stuff, Gmail, Calendar, Documents, Reader, grouped for example.

As it stands there are mostly unused menu items in the primary drop down. Things like Search (I search from the address bar in Chrome), Images, Maps, News are services I will never access from the drop down.

Sadly I do not see the ability to sort this list ever being implemented.
Also note that each of those locations may need to be set separately.
Hrm, I'm not sure I like it. I hope they're not quite done with it, because it seems to need some work. Logo rollover not animated, no selective bar hiding (if your screen is small the bar doesn't auto-hide anymore), and it just looks way too big and awkward on the homepage.
any google apps account users getting this to work? not working for me.
+Jacob Chappell My biggest irritation, which has been around for a LONG time now, is the total lack of a link to Igoogle. I want to be able to go directly to my igoogle page not the simple google home page
Very cool...Thanks so much for that bit of info.
It's neat but it's unnecessarily thick, making it take up a LARGE chunk of the screen for no reason ... This hack worked for me but I got rid of it until I'm forced to have it
I didn't even have to do this. Soon as I opened Chrome my new Google Bar was there. Sweet!
Thanks Gina worked great! Good instructions BTW.
Worked here in Australia but not when im using iGoogle /FOF
As it did me... I like the arrangement...
I like this! I wish the white space was cut back significantly, but this is a step in the right direction. Thanks for the share!
Okay, the new menu showed up in Firefox automagically, but I had to use this hack to get it to show up in Chrome. The new way works well on my 23" LCD screen. But I bet it's not quite as hot on my 17" CRT. I totally concur with both +Jacob Chappell & +Jesse Munos improvements. BTW, the new menu also shows up in Google Docs.

+Jeff Andersen Can't speak for +Jesse Munos , but for me the issue is not having a quick way to access igoogle.
Yeah - no quick access to iGoogle - noticed that INSTANTLY !
Wish you could reorder what is on the top menu vs more. I use Reader and Calendar daily, but rarely use image search.
Yeaaaaaah... I think I'll wait for it to roll out.
Hopefully if we all use the feedback form, most of these complaints can be resolved before it goes public.
I did it, but I want to undo it and wait for it to officially roll out. Does anyone know the original "PREF" code, or will deleting cookies do the trick?
+Elazar Krausz if you go back into the app the same way and just delete the Pref part it'll revert back ... mine did anyways
I have to agree, the order they chose is baffling. Why do you need a link to Search right next to the search bar? And having to go through "More" to get to the Calendar? I hope they hear us complaining.
thank you gina i saw this today on twig love that show you guys rock
thanks for the tip - worked like a charm!
Looks so much better! Google Music seems to still have the old version still.
+Gina Trapani , +Maximilian Majewski, looks like after doing this, my notification settings got screwed up, comment notifications are being pushed to my Android phone, but only intermittently. Just checked my notification settings, they haven't changed at all. Very weird, must be a side-effect of the cookie hack.
well its good bt i have a secret code too to creat the new one
nice info for chenge google toolbar...
I'll change tonight. But I have it one one browser, Safari, but not in Chrome?? Funny eh?
Thanks for update +Justin Davis. Hopefully they include us at some point during the full roll out. You'd think they would have learned their lesson after failing to roll out Plus to us when it launched. :D
After firing up Google Plus the new bar appeared without doing something. Then after reloading Gmail, also Gmail has the new bar...
Worked for me, not sure I why I was so desperate to have the bar though. There's clearly something wrong with me...
doesn't do it for me, just leaving it black till it changes, i-frames on pages would be cool tho...
Worked for me. Now for a play to decide if I like it. Not that there's much choice in the matter ;-)
Thanks for the tip. Worked for me on
If you don't want to install an extension you can just:

1- Go to google
2- Press Ctrl+Shift+J (K for Firefox)
3- Paste the following code:

document.cookie="PREF=ID=03fd476a699d6487:U=88e8716486ff1e5d:FF=0:LD=en:CR=2:TM=1322688084:LM=1322688085:S=McEsyvcXKMiVfGds;; path=/; expires=" + (new Date("2013-12-1")).toUTCString()

4- Press enter
5- Refresh the page

NOTE:If you access to google from another domain like .es, you have to edit this line with your country domain:*XXX*
Worked. Not sure this bar needs to be so huge. Really annoying for those who uses netbooks.
not sure it works for people logged into google apps. i tried in firefox and chrome on two google apps accounts and the cookie keeps getting reverted once i load a google product (including
Worked here too ... thanks Gina!!!
It worked great! Thank you for sharing. I was getting impatient for the roll out to appear on my account. GO Gina!
I got it automatically today without doing anything...
So now with the new Google Bar, I lost my "click the black Google Bar to jump back to the top of G+" because the black bar didn't scroll away but this new one does. Bummer!
Not to worry. Just press the "Home" key. Bingo, Presto you are at the top.
I'll wait till it rolls out naturally as I don't want to screw up my cookies.
Somehow it only works for gmail, but not for G+ or any other google service.
Solved the issue. Changed primary language to English, now it works.
I have tried it and now I would like it if someone did a hack to keep the only one. This new bar is a step backward in my opinion.
I've had it for an entire day now with not hacks. I think I like it!
Thanks for sharing this. It drives me crazy when a new feature rolls out and I can't try it.
ooooohhhh...neato mosquito. much better than the old bar
I'm still disappointed that Google Voice hasn't been added to this... even on the 'More' field. I would love to be able to customize what appears and where. Its essentially what I do now with my Google folder in the Bookmark Bar
Worked great. I'm really liking the new toolbar. I would agree with +Ricky Scampini that the ability to customize the drop down should be an included feature.
Works, thanks !!!!!!!!!!!! so easy to navigate now
+John Scott The Home key is inconvenient enough when I've got both hands at the keyboard, let alone when I'm just using my mouse. The "click the black bar" trick was awful handy in those situations.

Also I've found that the "Click the Google+ logo to refresh the G+ page and hide muted posts" trick doesn't work either. Now it just gives you the dropdown. Stop taking away features, +Google+!
+Jeff Andersen when ths origional tool bar came out i loved it. Then i started usinv MANY more google services. When boincing between these servicss the toolbar is invaluable. However, the inability to customize the links frustrated me. Mainly because I didn't, and still don't, use many of the things listed. Add to that the fact that the one link I felt truly belonged was buried and not directly accessible ie the igoogle link. While many people set their home page button for this. Especially in a windows work environment this is not always possible. Thus digging for the link I most often use is seriously annoying.
Anyone knows if it's possible to move the link for "Reader" from dropdown column 3 to column 1? (so i dont need to expand the nice dropdown everytime)
I searched for the "How to install new Google toolbar", came to this page, opened up in a new window and there it was... Google knows!!!! :)
Awesome thanks Gina, worked like a charm in the UK.
What I don't understand is I have the new design on my iMac desktop and the old design on my MacBook Air. Why would I have two different looks on different machines?
I don't know why Google feels the need to leave out Google Apps users. I get businesses may not want to release a new feature without testing it and letting users know what's coming, but not everyone is that conservative. They should give Apps users the ability to turn the feature on if that's what the issue is. Either way, they should have some kind of post letting Apps users know about what's going on.
+Martin Adams - That is because for Apps it is somewhat more important not to break something, rather than be on the cutting edge. They are after all (in most cases) paying for some serious nines!
I've tried three of these tutorials, all with different code to paste into the PREF menu. Yours worked. Thank you.
Gina = Google Goddess. Thanks!
When is it being released to the public does anyone know?
This is great, Gina, thanks. Any thoughts on why Google Voice doesn't appear on any of Google's menus?
to this day I have not gotten the new bar so I just did the trick and got it now. Thanks!
anyone know what's up with this redesign? I've enabled it using this hack on one of my machines but still haven't seen it on any others. Did they scrap this rollout?
Thank's Been Trying To Get This Didn't Know How So Thank's Again!
Any idea how to get it if you're using a Google Apps account?
any way to get it back? This is crazy. Black bar is just ugly ....
+Michał Gawryluk , +Andrew Martonik, +Eric So, +Tom Husband, +Amir Kundalic the old bar is the "new" new bar. That is Google ditched the new beautiful drop down and is reverting back to the black bar and calling it the "new" google bar. There is nothing wrong with your cookie hack. +Gina Trapani hope this gets a mention on TWiG. It stinks and I know the folks at Google listen to your show.
Ugh. I loved the drop down menu. Very disappointed in Google decision to revert back to the top bar. Booooooooooo! :-\
Argh... nooooo! Ugly this black bar. This sucks... but at the same time it is so much faster to open another Google Service than to wait for that slow drop down to open.
Doesnt work for me. I installed the tappermonkey script and then tried this. I used to have the bar when my chrome 17 switched automatically, but then it stopped working and I can't get it back.
tried it and it didnt work :( ... do you know why ?? i have a custom google background image ? if that has anything to do with it ..
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