Google Drive First Impressions

So far I've tested Google Drive with the Mac desktop client app.

What I like:

* Google Docs integration. When I first installed the app on my Mac, I was happily surprised to see GDrive automatically sync my Google Docs to a new folder in Finder. The folder is a messy pile of unorganized documents, but it synced docs that are almost 4 years old. (I didn't realize I've been using Docs that long.) I'm much more likely to organize my docs into folders now that I can do it in Finder.
* The Google Drive SDK. Even though many of the client libraries are alpha or beta, the GDrive SDK documentation and example code is excellent. Doesn't look like it supports file revisions quite the same way Dropbox does, but I'll find out more about that when/if we dive into adding GDrive support for +Todo.txt apps.

What I don't like:

* No option to open GDocs locally or while you're offline. GDrive actually syncs links to GDocs files, not the files themselves. So if I click on myspreadsheet.gsheet, it launches my browser to edit the file there. What I'd like to see is an option to batch-download-and-convert all the links into standard local readable file formats (doc, xls, ppt, etc). Update: note that if you store non GDocs files in Google Docs--which you can, but most people probably don't (well, until now)--those get synced fully and can be opened with local desktop apps. For example, pdf, mov, png, exe files stored in Google Docs all sync fully with offline access, not just links to them.
* Lack of easy account switching in the desktop client app. If you've got more than one Google account, it's not as easy as it could be to switch between those accounts in the desktop client app.
* Docs which have been shared with me don't sync to my device (update: by default). Why not? You have to click on "View items shared with me" and then drag and drop the files you want to sync into the "My Drive" folder to see them there.

What else?
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