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TWiG is back!
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Thanks for re-sharing this. I think I see things from you more often than I do from Pages presently. TWiG has a valued place in my listening rotation.
My morning commute will be enjoyable and fun now!
It's back? Didn't you have an episode last week?
Finally, I was having withdrawal!
Caleb B
That was an awesome episode. Wednesdays are my favorite day of the week!
Gina - what kind of headset do you use?
+Gina Trapani I'd love to be on again; if you ever need a YouTube guy, hit me up! I'm also moving to Cali in a few weeks!
Definitely missed the show last week. Great to have you back!
Brilliant!  Just out of my price range... still, it's awesome!  TY for sharing!
Great show gina,as always
Honestly, I wouldn't have seen this episode if you didn't share it. Hmmmm.
Yeah, those podcasts with +Lamarr Wilson always have a different flavor to it.Not that the regular cast isn't great. I wonder which Arduino ADK +Leo Laporte end up getting. I am in Canada and would like to get one too at some point (just too many Google toys to play with after #IO12   (didn't get the ADK because the line was too long after I got out of the keynote).
Loved your enthusiasm for the Nexus 7
YES!!!!  YES!!!!!  YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Watching the video podcast of episode 154 and loving it.  I learn so much from TWIG and all the other TWIT Shows.
When you post stuff from TWiG in your stream, it's easy to meet other TWiG fans using Google Plus.
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