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What I liked when following this on reddit and metafilter was the distinct lack, or at least a minority of snark about flyover country and people eating at chain restaurants. 
Thank you for sharing this .. It is comforting to know that real people lead incredibly meaningful lives outside the echo chamber that is media and social media 
This is a woman after my own heart!
'"I'm working on my Sunday column and I'm going to play bridge this afternoon," she explained, "so I don't have time to read all this crap (sic Twitter, blogs and what not)." She didn't apologize for writing about a restaurant where many people like to eat. Her poise under fire endeared her to people who do read all that. Strangers started sending me emails about how much they loved my mom.'
I was more than a little disgusted by the snark and condescension in the piece about this woman. She already sounds more interesting than all of the writers and editors combined.
How cool! We had fun watching the NBC segment about your mom this morning.
Thanks, +Gina Trapani - I ignored this yesterday due to much of the undeserved negative/sarcastic coverage. But this, from her son, just made my day. What a wonderfully healthy attitude that I wish everyone's parents could have.
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