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+Kevin Purdy and I are getting better at this podcasting thing. A new episode of In Beta is up now, in which we debate Chromebooks' holiday gift viability and what to do about mobile app privacy leaks. As always, the episode weighs in at just under an hour, perfectly-sized listening for your commute home or weekend jog.
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A Hangout On Air for these? Then strip the audio for the podcast? Best of both worlds.
Great podcasting. Sent you an email today about the"unsubscribe" episode. Good stuff.
+Gina Trapani If you started a community you'd be amazed at how fast it would grow. I'd be there for sure.
Live you on TWiG. Happy to see you're on another podcast
Not to hijack the thread but +Zack Smith what's your comment about? Damn can't make sure I've the right Zack. Won't scroll. 
+Stuart O'Neill its way off topic in relation to In Beta, but that's exactly how we record & publish our +Modern Woodworkers Association podcast. We do it live as a hangout on air. We leave that up on YouTube as a video podcast, and rip the audio to publish as an audio podcast. Its a tad buggy, but it let's us reach so many folk with essentially no outlay.
You're right. Great episode. I laughed out load at the "unsubscribe bot". 
The logo for the show has a very "PBS" trustworthy look to it.  Well done whoever designed it.
hola soy latino you,re good fun very pretty handsome
+Dyami Plotke add a transcript that can be read or downloaded and an. mp3 and your have a structure another fella and I may offer as a service to HOA and HO hosts to save them time. Your thoughts?
+Stuart O'Neill sorry, but I'm not quite sure I follow. What are HOA and HO hosts? We do offer an mp3 of the the recording. It's ripped from the Youtube video and then posted to buzzsprout.
Thanks, +Stuart O'Neill I appreciate your help and we've done enough to deride the comments on this thread.
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