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I just love this.
Tom Wilson, who played the villainous bully Biff in the Back to the Future movies, gets stopped by fans so often that he hands out a postcard answering the most common questions.

"Nobody had any idea that the movies would become a cultural touchstone, but the themes of friendship and adventure moved the audience so powerfully that I felt the need to create this postcard as a time-saver."
Tom Wilson, better known as the bully Biff from Back To the Future, gets asked a lot of questions about his legendary role. Instead of being uptight and refusing to talk about one of the greatest movi...
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This is a very classy way to handle being a cultural phenom.
His live performances are really hilarious. Classy guy.
those movies are awesome, i love this
Why do I have to refresh Gawker sites five or six times before they work?
Not quite sure why but reading his card left me feeling all warm and fuzzy. What a guy (goes to buy BTTF blu-ray trilogy that I've been putting off for months!)
"The Delorean is an inferior automobile" but I still want one!
I loved shooting him in the Wing Commander games.... not because I have anything against the actor, just hated Maniac.
So +Gina Trapani if we had the pleasure of seeing you on the street what would you have on your business card. Mine would be the corny $ t a "give gina a hug before she gets away @now"
+Gina Trapani you might want to check out Tom's weekly podcast (produced by the folks at Nerdist Industries). It's called Big Pop Fun, and I've been a subscriber since Ep. 1. Love it!
This was great. Thanks for sharing. I just wish more ppl used Google+
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