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Credible Hulk's secret is he's always angry.
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ok, i'm not a Hulk fan, but this is pretty awesome.
Someone needs to make "The Incredulous Hulk". 
Rob Go
I prefer the Hulk that smashes stuff.
I prefer a diplomatic Hulk with a babe hanging on each arm.
Guess he'll never be invited to be a guest on Fox News cuz if he is, FNC will be destroyed
are those sun-glasses? or is his eyesight slipping?
and nice hairdo
Obama should take a note from the "Credible Hulk".
Is there a Speculative Hulk? I like to do that. 
Is his first name Justin?
در نظام طبیعت ضعیف پا یمال است چه در میان به اصلاح انسان ها جه در میان حیوانات صد رحمت به حیوانات .
That is certainly one superpower I would love to have.  Sadly, reason is the first casualty of my rage :)
Chris Hayes has apparently hit the gym for this weekend's UP programs
These really are not muscles.  They are mutated brain cells!
Glad you went with glasses, Hulk.  I don't know how you'd put in contact lenses with hands that big...
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