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Had wonderful fun discussing the responsibilities of a community platform (like Twitter and G+!) with +Jeff Jarvis and +Leo Laporte on yesterday's episode, check it out.
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The best show on tech. Keep up the stellar work.
Leo T
From your tone +Gina Trapani I could tell you were getting a tiny bit testy with +Jeff Jarvis ???  It was actually a pretty good discussion and I enjoyed both sides of the argument :)
I think this was the best episode yet. There was real deep discussion of major issues. It is well worth a listen.
Aaagh, tired of never-ending discussions of "what does it mean to be a platform". What does it matter? More technical discussions and less metaphysics, please. Not to get "hyperpersonal" or anything … :-)
Amy time there is smart discussion on the direction of media and the future it is welcomed.
My favourite TWIT show, (one of many great shows produced by TWIT).
My favourite show also. Really impressed with Google Translate on my Nexus 7, installed after hearing Leo ask for the Bathroom!
the combo +Gina Trapani and +Jeff Jarvis turns out to be unbeatable  - actually the show provides a lot of insight in the current modern media landscape which makes it quite unique. Great show! 
+Haakon Nilsen  - i really think this is a 'technical' discussion - the media landscape is on fire and i think those discussion really contribute - IMHO - a lot to the understanding of what is going on right now as things happen. I don't see many places this discussion is taking place in the tech world.
You Leo and Jeff make a great show
John K.
Speaking as a developer who is currently doing some twitter integration I must say the discussion during the show was one of the most interesting yet. Gina's explanation of endpoint caps gave me an idea of how to improve my design so many thanks for that.

On the twitter issue I'll say that as a developer, it's very scary to think that one day twitter might make a decision and all my effort would have been for nought. Very scary.
Great show as always, Jeff is always looking at the big picture 'what does it mean' kind of questions rather than the purely technical issues, and it works well. I love it that you guys see the world completely differently to me, yet I always want to hear what you guys think about these issues.
Just two points from the last show - firstly, amazed at how leo was anti-loyalty card, and anti-deals on his statement. For example, Leo has always defended Google's GMail related ads, and anti-spam software that scans your email by saying it is all automatic, and unless Bank Of America are identifying him personally, then it would be a little inconsistent to call them on it.
Secondly, there was a Bing update many moons ago that you guys covered, where it had Internet results in one frame, and social media results in the next frame. The difference being if you want facts you check out the Bing results, if you want opinions you check out the social media results. Bing tried to keep these together. Anyway, for the Bank Of America example you could search for banks in one part, and canvas opinion (i.e. ask Twitter) at the same time. I only mention this as at the time, the Bing changes were met with a resounding 'what's the point?' and then everyone goes off and uses the two separate searches (Google and Twitter) when they could have done it all in one. Anyhoo, I guess, it's the same old question of toppling the number one in any field, how do you beat the iPad or what does Bing need to do for people to switch their search engine? It's more than just features. (Rhetorical guys, I'm not trying to hijack this thread.)
Best line (IMO) +Gina Trapani  A Developer Needs to DO what SHE has to do!  Thanks...made me SMIL!
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