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Man, I wish I'd thought to do something like that for my kids.
that is a wonderful record to have, what a pretty lively young girl. Looks like she is talkative, too???
That is very cool. I wish I had been that forsightful to do the same with my kids.
+Gina Trapani Looks like she likes to talk...LOL. Love she now 12 or did she just not want to be filmed anymore...?
Not to be morbid, but I think she should continue this all the way to, completion.
i'm planning to have kids soon maybe ill do something like this too :) its a superb video and idea!!
WOW That was amazing, cant wait for another 12 years.
Well done Gina
Videos like this, while definitely interesting, actually bother me. Once something is on the web, it's pretty much there forever. It doesn't seem fair to commit a child's identity to the web when they're not in a position to choose whether or not to be involved. I'm immensely grateful that I was able to have a childhood free of Youtube and the web. Some things don't need to be reviewed over and over again to an audience of millions.
Awesome time lapse. It's so cool.
I truly love this! I hope you continue to do this as she grows up and I wish I had something like this of my daughter. Loved it and can't wait to see more.
Awesome! Kudos to the parent/photographer for the amazing consistency over the years! Your brilliant and beautiful daughter clearly has a lot to say!
I think we can expect big things for her! Have a great LIFE!
I truly love this! I hope you continue to do this as she grows up and I wish I had like something this of my sister. Loved it and cant wait to see more.
omg thats cool but SUPER CRAZY!!!!! whoa.....i love it tho :) she's really cute :)
Hard video to copy-cat... unless you're newlyweds.
baby on the way yay fore months
oh wow, kids grow !!!! who would have thought!
Amazing!!!!! When your daughter grows up she is going to love this video!!! How cool. What a wonderful idea!!
That was great, are you going to continue
oh so yall dont hear me talking
seen it 100 times already, stop reposting it
wow, that was amazing :) how sweet
1) really cute baby
2) REALLY pretty girl
(this is coming from another girl)
OMG! That's really awesome.
7-12 she looked so much older than the age she was at omg
Cool loooog term idea. Can't wait for the tattooed sarcasm period!
My boy and girl have their own two to four year old's that are the best (from my educated non-biased viewpoint of course)
Erin F.
wow- that was cool- and kinda creeepppyyyy lol sooo fast
Hank W
Holy time laps batman!
Brilliant idea! thank you for sharing.
that is like, soooo cool
That was great! It was inspired of you to do that!
Good Job ! Kids grow so fast!
Could have been shorter if only they didn't take care of their child...
I hope she never stops chatting.... thanks for sharing.
She is pretty when shes older like when she was twelve
L Derby
Wow that was amazing
I know your daughter loves and appreciates the creative being you must be! Outstanding.
So cute! looked like she started getting a bit talkitive when she got to 10 years old :)
that was awesome!!! they do grow up fast, our daughter is 13 , what happen to the last 12 years.........
This is in Yahoo!'s top-news section.
Jen Li
wow what alot of effort and time it took to do that!
What a lovely idea! I wish I'd thought of this, oh, 28 years ago ....
Thats soo cool but sad at the same time how fast it is
even in real life it s fast thats what i ment
I would love to see a boy version of this one because I noticed that she's talking in every clip.... I'm sure the boy would be chatty all the way up until he was 12-13 then just no emotion until he's 16 again.
it was so lovely. i did it too on my twins daughter since they @ 3 y.o till now.
That is awesome! Plus 1
i thought it was a boy until age 2 jajaja
Mona G
Cool project, and she's so cute!
if my parents filmed ME every week, youd see aLOT of stupid stuff.... haha
She has beautiful eyes!!! <3 her already!!!
Real Cool and a lot of dedication by you and your daughter
I cleaned out my office today in prep for a move and I brought home a couple picture frames which had years of pictures (one on on top of another) of my 18 year old daughter. Touching and really resonates with me tonight
I wonder if God sees us like this...
Fantastic!! it will remind her how she was since her first day of her life..
you should play this at her wedding lol.
This is beautiful, amazing, and special. Wonderful!
saw this earlier -- biggest challenge I can see is getting the little one to cooperate for 12 years. Maybe that's why it ended at 12 :)
Read thru the other comments. I have to agree, I would never post pictures of children. But it's too late now and everyone who has seen this and left a note must have done so because it affected them. Why not go the whole way and put a sound track under it?? Seriously.
That was amazing. What a cool idea
i wish i could watch it but fricken internet
VERY COOL!! It's kind of like life, If you get distracted or blink, you miss it!
Sometimes I feel my own kids are growing up this fast....
I hope she keeps going through 18 'cause that would be an AWESOME video to play at her graduation party
as you can see, the older she grows the more she seems to be talking
Go to 18 years old with it!
J. Emy
Wow, she is forever talkin', lol. This was really cute/sweet.
She is beautiful! I have 3 boys and wish I had thought of this myself! Thanks for sharing!!!
This is so great. I wish that I could have done this with my children. Awesome
from boy to girl in like minutes...
Probably your moms ass.Yes, I know what your moms ass looks like.
Awesome video but it makes me a little sad too. My own daughters are now 14 and 10 and it seems like yesterday their mother and I were holing them for the first time.
I know what I'm gonna do when I have kids!!!
that was really cool. She turned out very pretty
Wow! Great idea! (I wish I had thought of that; I've been blessed with five beautiful children and what I wouldn't give to have a catalogue of their development like this.)
now that is super cool
This is a tail wagging video. What a treasure.
Simply amazingly lovely :) Without philosophizing :D
This sort of proves women cant stop talking :p
just kidding! Awesome Video!!!
Enough to make a father tearful. Thanks for sharing this video.
Hopefully this will inspire many more like it, an amazing thing to watch.
That was amazing. I wish I would have thought of that!
Gina this warmed my heart. Lucky mama, lucky girl, such beauty!
Oh my god! this is amazing! just beautiful time lapse
Time does fly
I was sad when she made the unfortunate turn to using makeup. Cool video.
took 12 years in the making
Thank you so much for sharing that fantastic view of 12 years. I hope the young Ms. Hofmeester loves this as much as we do. See you on TWiG.
aaron buddy ol pal how u been
Please make #PrincessRowen a trend...she was only 2 months old when she died...
They grow up so fast :) <3 Thanks for the inspriation, when im older and have a daughter/son im gonna try and do the same thing. :)
The transition from fallen tooth to overbite is very cute.
Kay C.
applause Loved it :)
Keep at it and deliver it as a wedding present.
But she turned out beautifully!
keep that babby its a gift of life and happiness
Very cool, thanks for sharing!
What a beautiful young lady! That was a wonderful idea. Thank you for sharing!!
Jay Raj
Your daughter's really beautiful. And I love the video! Play this video when she hits 20, she'll be really surprised at how much she changed and grown up from a cute chubby baby :-)
Dat is so so happy for û to hav such record dat is splendid
Wow I love all the mood swings when she was little. So cute
In a bit of humor.. did anybody notice that in 12 years... she never once stopped talking :)

Seriously.. I love these kids of videos and the dedication it takes to put it together. Im certain your very proud of her.
The crazy thing is that it seems that way in life too. Kids grow up so fast makes you wish you could slow it down.
When she's 20 or 40, she will thank you.
hey you guys wats going on out there
I'm in Japane for a holiday but I actuly live is Australia
and it says "to be continued" that is epic!!!
I have two daughters...and now I feel inadequate.
Your baby is soooooo cute!!!
wait she's grwoing up!
Saw this on reddit a couple days ago, amazing.
Wow, that's so cool and creative! She's beautiful, by the way. :)
The music is a mix of Garage Band tunes and KID HISTORY THEME SONG!
12 years.. thats a long time!
i love tht vid. im 12 now and i wish my mom did tht when i was growing
such a great idea. She's a beautiful girl.. I have a 6 month old girl...... I might start this too.
So impressive! And so glad it's not finished.
That is one of the most wonderful uses of video I have ever seen. So simple, so clever. What a beautiful video to be cherished always. Thank you for sharing!
Life so precious, so beautiful, so short!
Awesome, great job.
I remember wanting to do this when my daughter was born, but failed to follow through. Now that she's now a teenager I'd say I lost my chance.
What a great gift you've provided for your daughter: a present of her past.
lol as she ages her fashion sense gets better :P
I Love that, Great Idea, and you did a good job with it too.
shes starting to get hot..

is that wrong , its to soon isn't it

Yes A wonder Good Morning to You
Have A Nice day
how often did you take these videos
Amazing, Wonderful, Beautiful!
Very Beautiful. Cheers to the beauty of human-nature.
SOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!! The beauty of life in motion!
Impressive... would be really cool to see another 12yrs etc etc too
I agree with the other comments here; this is awesome! This video kind of reminds me of the "Picture a Day" video that was produced by a man named Noah (NK5000) who takes a picture of himself every day for 6 years.
Aww that little kid is so cute :)
This is so awesome O.o
I wonder what she was saying...
...Awesome video anyway :)
Very cool, but what is she saying? Did she just talk about her day each time you had a video session? Seems like a good bonding move. Glad I saw it. My boy is just about to hit 2, and it's amazing to see his face change each day.
This is disturbing.
i feel my daughter is growing up this fast...sometimes i wish i could control her growth so i can enjoy her childhood longer with her...
cool!!!!!!!!!! It's amazing to see that sort of thing.
Although we humans don't have the ability to watch mountains rise in geologic time, we can extend with time-lapsed photography our watch of a child developing physically over a dozen years of human time. And what we see in an extraordinary way is more than simply physical changes; I kept recalling instants of emotional connection with memories of my own childrens' personal and social developments. It occurs to me, too, that just as first seeing the photo taken from the Moon of our blue planet in the darkness of space changed many minds of who we are, first seeing a time lapse video like this one provides a "vision" or idea of self which is both real and "magical" (and unforgettable and telling and enjoyable) as is attainable given the everyday limitations of our memories in time.
Boo Boo
She is So Adoreable...More Like A Blessing
That is so phenomenal, you have such patients! It’s so amazing to see the transitions in her life and to see how she matures! I'm looking forward to seeing additions!
That's really cool how you did that for twelve years straight. 
It took me 2 years to realize she's a girl :)
Juan Dominguez
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I absolutely love this will do my children -
it'd be cool to hear how she sound to see how her voice changed, as well
this is wonderfull. how thoughtful of you to do this for your family, and how generous of you to share it all the rest of us.
they grow so quickly, one day they are a baby, the next they are out the door.
Amazing project. However, doesn't this kind of invade her personal space by showing such intimate moments. Did you have her consent?
THAT IS SO KOOL!!!!! when i hav a kid im so gonna do this!!!
The coolest thing ever!! Can see my daughters expressions in so many of the faces. It goes by so fast, you'll cherish this always, and so will she, when she's a little older! :-)
Hello Gina,

Congrates ya!

you are the committed mother to your loving daughter!
She is very cute and lovely.
You are great in getting this idea and patiently done it.
Moral of the story: Women never stop talking.
"Kids grow up fast" captured in video form!
This twists my emotions... hmm. Amazing nevertheless.
two thumbs up to the mom who keep records of her girl!!!...Wow!!!..i wish i was able to do the same with my 2 girls!...
That is amazing, I wish we would have done that with our children. What a Great idea.
I saw this video by fluke and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed it, the passion and effort of a mother for her child is amazing
Gina Trapani, that is so beautiful! I wish I could go back and do that with my children. We have only stills, and they were not taken at calculated intervals. I'm going to share this with my children in hopes they will have an equally marvelous record of their children's growth. What a wonderful heirloom for your daughter. I can imagine her children's delight in the future to see their own Mom as she was "growing up". :)
as time goes by......tempus fugit.
Beautiful !
this is how God sees where this time for 12 years is 2 minutes 40 seconds ..... great
Thanks Gina.  I think I can see a connection between the baby your daughter was and the teenager she now is.  I always sort of believed we turned out nothing like what we looked like as babies!
you killed it big time............dats very terrific
Nice to watch.i may try for my girl who is 02 years old.
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