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Exciting news! I'm starting a new tech podcast with +Kevin Purdy called In Beta. First episode airs live on Tuesday.

Here's the full description:

In Beta is a talk show about the ever-changing state of web-based and open source software. We examine how "ship first, fix later" affects our tools and culture, with an emphasis on mobile, social, and web apps.

Can't wait! Pre-subscribe in your favorite podcatcher on the show page here.
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Why don't you do it on TWIT?
5by5 has no video option.
Emory L
5by5 is a great network, glad to see them launch another show I will be listening to.
more Gina can never be a bad thing - congrats and looking forward!
Like everyone else said... Congrats. I've always liked the work that you and Kevin do
There is no RSS feed on the In Beta page nor is In Beta in the Subscribe area. I would like to subscribe to it!
Can't wait to hear the first show. Would love it if you guys had a G+ page for the show, too.
Wait +Gina Trapani and +Kevin Purdy together, here take my money.....oh a free podcast, thank you, thank you, what did I ever do to deserve such a treat.!
Excellent news! Looking forward to listening. Added to my weekly list.
One thing interesting about the state of web is exactly what you mention: "ship first, fix later."

With a recent project I made, I thought "I could really use a tool that did ____."

A few hours later, I made it, posted on Reddit, and a few hours after that I already had a huge amount of supporters and a list of revisions/improvements.

In the world of web, things move so quickly that it makes other systems look like a bunch of snails, leading to a quote I recently saw.. something along the lines of "What would you do if you weren't afraid?" Just release it!

Good topics can come of this and I look forward to listening! :-)
just added it! good luck, can't wait to see what you guys do!
oh, nice to see you're on the 5b5 network, hope you have a great time under Dans warm wings :p
Nice!! I totally dig 5by5. (of course, I love TWiG as well!)
Man, I'm already overloaded with tech podcasts and now I'll have another one to follow.
So what's the format going to be? News, commentary, featuring products/software? Just Kevin and Gina, or will there be guests?
That's awesome news Gina, I enjoy your contributions on TWIG, can't wait to hear the new podcast.
Will you be setting up a G+ page for it too?
Looks awesome. Can't wait to hear the first episode.
Really exited to listen this new podcast :-) keep good work (a french twig listener)
I've never really listened to any podcasts before but this seems like an interesting enough topic for my first introduction.
Leo T
Well she didn't answer if she was leaving TWiT or not. Guess we'll find out soon enough.
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Awesome! Subscribed and can't wait for the first episode. Although, I really don't need another podcast to listen to...
Awesome, always enjoy hearing you on TWiT so I'll definitely check this out!
+Ran Bar-Levi I've always wondered why with a .tv domain, video is not more prevalent. There's a live video page, but I've never gotten the chance to see if it works.
Looking forward to it. Subscribed.
Is it airing for the first time today? Tha page still reads "coming soon"
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