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Two of the most useful features of Chrome on Jelly Bean Android: the automatic magnification of small links when you tap in a cluttered area, and Request Desktop Site. Not pictured, but also loving the Other Devices tab/bookmark/most visited sync.
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Both of those features have been available in the Chrome for Android browser for quite awhile now. Still cool features though ;-)
Those features are also in Chrome on Ice Cream Sandwich.
Well, Chrome on ICS also has that… but nevertheless, the feature is very useful. I can't tell you how many times I've been saved from tapping on the wrong links with this feature!
Gina, They were there in previous chrome releases
These little features make chrome one of the best mobile browsers to work with. #I♥Chrome
Love the magnification feature, it's definitely a boon for navigating desktop sites. Less zooming in and out manually.
both of those are available on chrome in ICS as well
This isn't new to Jelly Bean, this is just Chrome!  Does the same thing in ICS.  I like to call it the "Fat Finger" feature.  Really really helpful.
Wish there was still a way to delete cookies in chrome. Seems to have been removed.
I couldn't agree more. The magnify link thing seems a bit unnecessary most of the time, but the view as desktop feature is amazing. I can't believe how helpful it is.
That's not just on Jelly Bean. I have ICS and that magnify is there. It's incredibly useful!
Let me just say that when I commented on this post it was the first thing
in my stream, and showed no comments so sorry for repeating the news again.

Also my magnify doesn't always work so I still do a lot of manual zooming
I am looking forward to my OTA upgrade!
Pitfalls of switching to "that other phone" for awhile. :-)
Could not agree more! Also love the swipe to change pages. The other thing I noticed was if I go into Chrome on my computer, it shows multiple instances of my phone, it actually keeps previous browser sessions from days ago. Super SUPER awesome!! 
Yeah, it's awesome. One reason why I switched to Chrome as soon as it was available.
I hope Google patented that just so Apple can't add that to mobile safari and claim they invented it ;-) seriously features like this magnify is what transform good experiences to great ones. Knowing the "pain" some users have with mobile browsers and lightening it.
yup, great features. Although I'm not a fan of the magnification feature when I'm navigating Chrome in my Prime with the keyboard dock's trackpad. It's hard to get more accurate than a mouse click and yet it magnifies the links (I know it's not Chrome's fault but still it's annoying).
It is useful up to certain point. I don't use Chrome on any device to manage/remember my passwords.  For generic use, it is great.  But I'll still lose parts of the workflow when sites require signed in first.
+Vincent Pun +David Rodríguez Andino Guys I actually find that if my click is precise enough to land on the link, the magnification doesn't come up. But if I press somewhere in the vicinity of the link or on several links at the same time (when links are small), the magnification pops up. Therefore the question is, are you clicking properly on your Prime? :)
Tab swiping on a tablet is great! I wish it had other device sync on the desktop browser too.
Loving the Other Devices sync. And I thought Chrome to Phone was cool. Things sure do move quickly. 
Magnifying the small links is genius. I love it for forums or anything with pagination. I haven't gotten the device sync feature to work at all, despite being logged into Chrome desktop and having sync turned on.  
You got low battery, just saying!
+Gina Trapani Opera for Android has the magnification feature since a long time ago. Pretty much a must on a phone!
Needs a fullscreen options so the content fills the screen without the url bar taking up screen real estate, with the ability to make them visible via the menu button
I like the features but I don't understand why they don't have an option to ALWAYS view desktop versions of pages.  I didn't buy a tablet to get a different kind of Internet. I want the same Internet I get on my desktop and it frustrates me to no end that so many options are taken away with these "mobile-formatted" pages.  It's not so bad on phones but many sites give scaled down versions on 10 inch tablets too, which makes no sense to me.
+Vincent Pun I just checked and there isn't a setting for that. Thanks for the suggestion.

+Petr Faitl I agree with you. That's how it works but in some instances I've been very precise and I get the magnification. I don't get it every time and that's not what I tried to imply with my first comment. It happens sporadically. I guess it's the inconsistency what bothers me (first-world problem for sure).
Barely noticed the links thing... all I saw was the ComicCon website :p
Comic-Con and Lifehacker as examples. That basically says everything that needs saying. ;-)
Totally agree!  Very very useful features that I end up using or coming across using all the time!
The magnification of tiny links was a pleasant surprise I noticed within minutes of first using Chrome on ICS.  It gave the impression of a truly refined App and great wow factor
Yeah one of my favorite features of Chrome. Wish it was more consistant though!
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