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Working on reducing #3 today.
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Thank you so much for Lifehacker. I have been a fan since the beginning and you are directly responsible for my choosing IT as an occupation!
Very similar to the 7 habits of highly effective people way of looking at tasks.
I think there are few sites that are truly worth visiting every single day. 
1. Lifehacker
2. Wired
3. Popular Science and 
4. Ars Technica

Lifehacker is a gem!
It often takes a traumatic event, like being told we have cancer, to force us to discover what is really important in out lives.  In that respect, if we survive it, something like cancer can have a very positive affect on our lives.
Another interesting post and while simplified, it's difficult to argue with. Thank you +Gina Trapani for how well you have done and continue to do your job.

+Lifehacker is still one of my favorite sites. You really have influenced many of us.
Nice, simple set of piles Gina, great stuff for all the achievers out there. I'll share my three piles...
Nothing is important
Everything is unimportant
Distractions are fun
I think I'd have to put Lifehacker in the 3rd pile.
+Robert Marier I tend to agree with you.  I'm not going to toss out all of the things in my life, but do think the more we gather, the more we stress about maintaining and getting the new and improved versions, etc.  Oftentimes life seems better when it's simpler.
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