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This is such a fabulous personal article by Scott Weiss!  My husband really enjoyed his years at IronPort (he left a few months before Cisco came in and took over).  After IronPort, he spent many years as a consultant and architect for tech start ups.  Taking an idea and making it a reality takes a LOT of hard work!  It can take a toll on family life for sure.  Scott does a great job explaining the difference between espousing work/life balance and actually living it.  Well worth your time to read :-)
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That would be even more funny if that really is their name
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Boozy Bling. The answer to finding your drink when there is no stem for the wine charm. These cute charms are made by a high school friend of mine. Check out her site! :-)
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Many people turn to Google Search to ask health-related questions like “How many calories are in a banana?” or “How many carbs are there in an apple?” Starting today, you can find all kinds of nutrition information in Search—ranging from the basics like potatoes and carrots to more complex dishes like burritos and chow mein. Tap the microphone to give the feature a spin, and discover the ins and outs of 1,000+ of your favorite foods. More info:

This feature is rolling out in English in the U.S. over the next 10 days. Over time we’ll add more features, foods and languages. 
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I find myself using that little microphone a LOT.  I used to think it was just gimmicky fun, but it has really become an essential part of my day to day dealings.  You go Google! :)
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My second born was a spitter. We starting calling him Spitty Vann (Giovanni). He spit so much, we kept adding on until he became Spitty Von Spitenstein McSpitten.

Let's just say that baby number 7 is leaving Spitty Von Spitenstein McSpitten in the dust! Here is a preview of his talent...
When you have kids, spit happens.
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My poor husband is going through a lot of shirts and cargo shorts ;-)
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A similar incident happened in Oakland a few weeks back. A group of protesters stopped a Google bus, slashed all the tires and forced their way onto the bus wielding knives and shouting at the frightened employees :-(
A bunch of protesters stopped 2 Google buses at Hyde and Market in San Francisco. They were playing drums, demanding something that I couldn't understand, and showing profane signs. I think there were almost as many people with professional looking cameras as there were actual protestors.
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My baby made it home safe and sound from Italy! :-) Mommy happy dance time. He had a blast, but he is happy to be home and sleeping.
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Not funny mom!!
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It could happen...
A reminder
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Yes, yes, and yes again! I hate dodging Lego blocks though...
Marcher sur des Lego
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I don't know how my brothers survive it.
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Wife of a computer geek and mother of six (seven if you count said computer geek)
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