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Dear #Lazyweb, Printer WebUI needs a new favicon. And I have absolutely no idea what it should be. So if anyone among my followers feels appointed to create a shiny little sweet favicon for that kick-ass piece of software ;) I'd be glad :)

edit Also taking suggestions for a kickass name ;)
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"remote-o-tron 5000 aka ROT5k "? kidding !
"ifa" or "abgala" or even "Babalawo" (all names of oracles / "far seers" in various cultures, (thanks wikipedia)) 
before y'all label me as "weird": this just came to mind because Printer WebUi allow to "see and manipulate from a far" , and it can even manipulate time (timelapsing)...
Oh, I really like that direction... hm... seeing stones... "Palantir" is sadly already taken by something else, damn
Scryer sounds a bit harsh to my ears.
How about Aether (as in the god of the upper air, clouds, "the cloud")? That might be a bit generic, though.

Mythology really is a nice source for names of all kinds :-P
haha I just seen that one too!
well, tbh, it does not quite "roll of the tongue" but is seems unique!
There is also "mimir" or Mim (norse mythology, an oracle too) which I find nice
1) pick a cute animal you like (favorably something with tentacles ;-))
2) find a free SVG of a cartoony version of the animal, if none found go back to 1)
3) name your software after the animal, use SVG to create needed icons
4) ???
5) Profit!
+Andreas Gohr Suricatus tentaculus the cthulian meerkat? :p

I agree that Scryer has a harsh sound, but its short... on the other hand aetherprint is very descriptive...

And great, now the SO is throwing stuff like Tentaprint in the room, what did you guys do? XD
Yep, I fear so. But no, thats definitely not it.
I was starting to like tentaprint - it just needs a branding with a cute little octopus!
Nah, not an Ultimaker case -- the software is supposed to be brand agnostic ;)

Did a quick test:

+Janina Himmen I know you have more important stuff to do, but do you think you could make that kraken a bit less shocked about what he sees and more happy? :) Also not sure about its aspect ratio...
Guys, I'm between a rock and a hard place here ;) I really love the octopus, but I'm still not that happy with the name "Tentaprint". The octopus doesn't fit the more usecase-fitting alternatives (of which I still like my own idea "Scryer" the most tbh, especially after I brainstormed about the logo with my dear friend +Janina Himmen yesterday evening and that awesome hooded scryer came out as a result), but he IS bloody cute. Soo... I can't decide :/
That's better, but it still doesn't solve the usecase issue... what I mean is: what does a octopus have to do with a 3d printer monitoring solution?
That's why the octopus should sit inside a 3D printer case. The tentacles would reach out of the case. They are the connections to everywhere. See where I'm going with this?
I can argue about tentacles all day ;-P
I see... Phil is currently trying to attach the octopus to a crystal ball, so let's see where we'll stand then ;)

And I didn't think I'd every write a sentence like that...
I love the octopus, but if it was a spider would that meet the literalness requirement (spider->web)? :)
No spiders! Really! Don't even go there! I'm not into a lot of girlish things, but a horrible fear of spiders is one of them ;)
Hmm...perhaps that explains the reluctance toward 8-legged mascots...?
Nah, an octopus is fine. As long as it doesn't crawl around, spins webs and tries to eat me that is.
Yes! Gigantic! (actually, I'm just a chicken)
Now it HAS to be an octopus logo, because now I not only find him cute, I also feel bad for the little guy.
Soo... in the hope that +Janina Himmen will once more provide a helping hand and transform +Philippe Neumann's happy octopus with a crystal ball into more than an (albeit pretty awesome!) prototype, I think we have a logo that works and goes well with either Scryer or Octoprint, or what's the general consensus in here? ;)
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