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Looking for pictures of your OctoPrint setup!

Hey there! I have a rather unusual request :) For an upcoming article about OctoPrint in a German RPi magazine I could really use some pictures of OctoPrint setups around the world. So basically various OctoPrint/OctoPi-enabled printers, with RPi and webcam mounts, maybe displays, etc, in the highest resolution you have available :) If you ever wanted to have your setup show cased like that, here's your chance ;)

Some important legal points though: The magazine needs the images such that they are allowed not only to publish them in the printed magazine, but also are allowed to re-distribute them in an online (PDF) version of the full issue that will be released under CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0 three months after the initial publication. Additionally, if enough come together I'd also love to do an "OctoPrint around the world" blog post compiled from them and thus would need your permission to re-use them for that as well.

If you are willing to share some shots of your setup under these conditions, please do so in the comments below, ideally as a link to the full resolution version (I'm not sure if pictures embedded in the posts here on G+ are persisted at full resolution). Since the article naturally has a deadline, I can sadly only take submissions into account for that which arrive until December 1st 08:00am CET.

Thanks in advance! Looking forward to what you will share :)
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J Nerf
I've had this running for a while. It's a printrbot makers edition, with a modified bed and Z axis extension. The printer controls are in the black project box instead of underneath. The pi can be seen in its box. It's all mounted on heavy particle board, so it's completely mobile, just pick it up and take it anywhere.

photos.google.com - New photo by J Nerf
This is awesome stuff people! Can't promise how many will make into the magazine article (not my decision) but it definitely looks like there'll be enough material for that blog post 🤗
The pi is in its blue case near the keyboard with leads to the camera and the printer from the router etc I deliberately didnt clean up as this is the sate of things in full "I'm printing" mode, in the scenes you can see spare or old pi's that sit nearby ready for a home made coryxy that I can't decide wether to run a second instance of octopi from the same rpi or just use a second rpi.
I am not sure why it could be interesting to see a box working quietly and like magic under a desk but... Here ya go: photos.google.com - Neues Foto von Carsten Wartmann

Serving two printers so far, also doing seti@home, has a monitor/keyboard/mouse for doing stuff and is used for my digital scope. So quite busy.
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