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Short heads-up to users of the AutomaticShutdown plugin

It has a new maintainer 🎉 and a new release 🎉🎉, but because the initial version didn't yet have support for automatic updating you'll need to reinstall the plugin in order to update.

Release Notes can be found here:

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New release: 1.3.1

As the first release of 2017, 1.3.1 brings you a long list of fixes and improvements again.


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Any bets on if it will finally arrive today? 😏

Latest realisation: consuming a lot of sci-fi actually respecting scientific limitations (no gravitation out of nowhere, no friction and sound in space, relativity, the size of space itself, ...) over the last couple of years has somewhat ruined Star Trek for me :/

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OMG! 4 years of maintaining +OctoPrint​ and I got it wrong the whole time!

Happy New Year!

Frohes neues Jahr!

Feliz ano nuevo!

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Another day, another of my Hephestos 2 upgrade designs finally put on Thingiverse. This time my camera mount for the Y-carriage.

Note: I'm not entirely happy yet with this one since it adds some weight to the Y axis and also since it doesn't scale with high models (print runs out of frame). The latter might be fixable with a wide angle lens or by mounting the camera vertically. The former is a general downside of mounting the camera on the bed. I've also experimented with an alternative mount on a specially designed X-carriage side cover, I might also still put this up when it leaves prototyping stage.

I also did some experiments with mounting a LED ring light around the camera (hence the holes in the arm design below), but that caused too much shaking of the camera during fast travels and I had to abandon that idea for now.

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The Christmas present I've gotten myself this year arrived :D

It's a Flir One for Android. Lovely little gadget! Already discovered where our radiator pipes run in the flat, and a rather cold corner in the living room where we appear to lose heat a bit.

And I also know have visual proof that I lean towards cold fingers in winter ;)
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First day of vacation! So naturally I spend parts of it on the computer finally publishing my Hephestos 2 spool holder design ;) Maybe it helps someone out there :)

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I asked for pictures of OctoPrint setups here a couple weeks ago - here's what came back. Some very cool stuff, I should have done this way sooner. Thanks everyone!
OctoPrint around the World

A little exhibit of some awesome OctoPrint setups from all around the world, as shared by enthusiastic users - the very first "OctoPrint around the World" community spotlight feature!

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