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This is my first fireworks shot ever... and the most awesomest part I got to shoot it with +Trey Ratcliff +Ali Elhajj and +William Beem (that gave me a little class right before the show started) +Keith Barrett and the newest addition to the team the super fun +Mike Blank.... Magic moments at Disney lol!
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oh wow. that is awesome for your first one ever... very cool +Gilmar Smith Heck it'd be cool if it was your millioneth =)
awesome shot +Gilmar Smith. I didn't like any of my fireworks shots last night, yours came out great. Quick learner ;)
Fabulous image, wonderful colour and movement =)
They don't call it the Magic Kingdom for nothing. Awesome, Gilmar!!!
Guys I just got back home and I'm blown away by your comments, likes and shares! I think I even have a little tear of joy... THANK YOU
this is AMAZING! and holy cow on your shooting partners!

ride that wave of creativity girl!
Did you set your white balance to something Gilmar? Mine fireworks come out a little more like a candle color instead of white.
I played with it here. I set it to tungsten and then played a little with the sliders in lightroom until I found what I liked.
I'm not done editing my shot from that spot yet. I have to say though Gilmar, you really did a great job capturing the moment. This really is an awesome shot!
awwwww +Ali Elhajj Thanks!!!!!!!!!!! and thank you for giving me back my lens cap that you accidentally stole!!!!! LOL!
Whooohooo!!!! Where's the shot of Trey in the Hamburger Hat??
yah, you're welcome and well deserved. I should have my shot up tomorrow (i'm still tweaking) but still, i think yours is more better!
I don't know nothing about no pictures in a hamburger hat.
I got my first Trey comment today on a photo, felt good :)
No circling here, but that is fine, it may happen one day - who knows! He seems to have circled many people I hang with here on G+ :) I just spent an exhausing day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. It was jam packed with people, and at times - the smell of unwashed, unhealthy America made me dry heave a lil' - Great Aquarium though!
I just saw that you are hot stuff!! :-o
Some people need to take better care of themselves, really bad food or something - rot gut... and stank ass... Ugh.
Sounds like Disney in the summer!
Oh, didn't know about that... is that because he goes to that conference each year? Forget the name :) Looks like a great conference. Ah, the EG conference.
You're both Hot stuff. Google told me and it never lies :-)
Girl that Lion shot is effin awesome!!!!!
Oh it wasn't a big crew...just a group of 6 people! how cool is that? We met today too!
Where did you all go today?
wow!! that makes it even better! good for you!!
hehe.. maybe not quite as exciting as Disney world! :-)
i just showed up with enough time to play with Trey's NEX-7 before dinner wrapped up. But I did return Gilmar's lens cap :D
good swap I reckon.. a NEX-7 for a lens cap..:-)
Really nice pitc....look forward to visit disney world..
I want that camera!!! so effin cool!yes... +Ali Elhajj stole my lens cap last night but he conscience was killing him so he gave it back to me today!
wonderful pic...... you are great dear
:) Thank you +Gail Beerman ... a little bit of pixie dust from Disney! Can't wait for you to come visit!
Yep, I have been there a few times +Gilmar Smith but I have to say I have NEVER been to Florida! Can you believe it? Gotta fix that soon I think
yes you definitely have to come to Florida!!!!!
Oh my +Gilmar Smith I just read that it was your first fireworks shoot---and you live where you can see them EVERY NIGHT? Oh my talk about taking something for granted!! You did a GREAT job with this first ever shoot, very impressive!
I used to see them from my old house but I wasn't into photography then. I have been shooting for only 8 months. I'm sure gonna try to do it more often. The fireworks show in EPCOT is fantastic.
I just posted the video of Trey working his castle shot on my stream.
Lucky you got interested in photography before Google+ started +Gilmar Smith or what would you do with all that extra time you would have had? and you would only have 1/100th of the friends you have now!
It has been a wonderful experience! My house is not as clean as it used to be... I don't have as many pair of shoes or purses but got lenses instead... LOL! The best part of all is the people I've met here!
I am sure you get much more pleasure out of your images and the inspiration you get from friends here than any clean house you might have had +Gilmar Smith and purses or lenses hmmmm I'd pick lenses for sure!
I never realised you only started a few months ago..:-o

Damn you +Gilmar Smith .. you're one of those naturals!
Oh yeah you are HOT tonight +Gilmar Smith now just wait until morning when you see all the +1s and comments! Woohoo!
just checked the list again and you've gone up... you're right next to trey's pic of you...

Actually I'm amazed at how much of the hot list is photography.. more than half!
OMG!!! I'm gonna start crying of joy again!!!!! WOW!!!
runs ugly crying towards +Robin Griggs Wood and give her a huge hug
Oh wow this is fantastic! I wish you many more wonderful firework shots to come =)
Very impressive. I've yet to shoot the fireworks from behind the Castle, but I really need to give it a try sometime!
well, +Tom Bricker you won't see the fireworks...they were actually behind us...this is about the only thing you're gonna see happening in this location. :)
+Gilmar Smith Yeah, that's why I've been hesitant to do it. There are only like two bursts that fire from the Castle, so it'd largely be a wash for photos. I've seen Wishes! enough that I really don't care if I see the show.

Ever shot Illuminations from the second story of the Japan pavilion? (I assume not if this is your first time shooting fireworks :) ) Now THAT'S a view!
WOWW !!! I wish someday i will be able to take pictures like this =)
I used to live like behind Magic Kingdom so I'm pretty familiar with the show and have had annual passes for years. Now that I got into photography and fireworks EPCOT is my next stop. I read about that Japan location in Flickr. I may go and try tomorrow or Monday night.
+eRsa Rehman I have been shooting for just 8 months, you sure can shoot like this and better!
Thanks for the encouraging words (=
Well done.. The photo is great, I like all the streaky bits from the fireworks.
:O ! I'm going there there soon in France!! CANNOT WAIT!
+Gilmar Smith good luck with getting a good spot up there with the Easter/Spring Break crowds. In the summer, that spot fills up over an hour before the show. If you wait a week, you'll be able to snag it without nearly as long of a wait.
Wow, this is awesome Gilmar.
OMG!!! Just saw this! Wow!!!! Really amazing shot +Gilmar Smith

Something is going on with my stream though—just realized very few people are showing up (including +Scott Kelby). What's up with that?!
Thanks +Kalebra Kelby!!! I guess I was lucky enough to get a little bit of pixie dust in my shot :)
Wow look at all those +1s and shares +Gilmar Smith that's what a little pixie dust does for you!
+Gail Beerman super exciting!!! I think I slept with a humongous smile on my face. What a fantastic weekend! I'm so thankful for every single +1, share and comment...I wanna go Elmyra on everybody here... I'm gonna hug you and kiss you and love you forever (and never use you up)
Wow, hyper cool. How to did you ever mangage to hook up with that bunch?
:) +Kirk Jordan I've known Keith Barret and William Beem for a while. Somehow Trey mentioned me when he posted the photowalk invite... I guess I have annoyed Keith and William so much they can't think about having a photowalk without me lol! I would be way too quiet!
I know a perfect word for this - fantabolous! :-)
Is that your castle princess? :)
Gilmar what a glorious shot! Love these fireworks trails, they look like ostrich feathers :) Love all these colors :) Really amazing !
Now I want to go back to Disney as well :)
Thank you +Laurent Coppée :D Another reason to come to Fl...because that's the Disney park you're talking about ... right?
Haha do you really think I need any other excuse other than you and your magic hat to come to Fl :D but yes, it is a good excuse, problem is with all the things I plan to do once there, including nail painting :P, I need to stay for months ... which is fine by me lol
I've been a few times to Disney in Paris but I guess it is nothing compared to the one you have :)
Wow, so this being your first attempt at fireworks, I just cant wait to see your 2nd, 3rd, and even 4th, congrats, its an awesome photo.
fireworks are one of my favorite things to shoot.
I'm hooked!!! hitting EPCOT tomorrow for more.
+Roni Delmonico Thank you girl!!! you know what's better than Disney fireworks? Disney fireworks while eating bacon!!!!
wow great first effort! how does everyone find out where Trey is and hang out with him??
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