Operation #Spinnaker2
”We only have one limit in Ingress : 6881,28km.”@skeptboarder

France sitrep is included in the story section

TL;DR version
16 layers over Western Europe ~106,000,000 each (10 from Germany, 6 from Italy)
+ Extension over Uk from Iceland ~36,600,000 
+ Extensions with Azores ~500,000

The eastern link pathway ran straight through the huge cities of Munich,Hanover and Nuremberg for this operation.

Number of Agents : ~370
Number of virus used : countless (seriously, we lost track of the number used, but it was way over 200, Hanover used 100 for instance)
Minds Units : Beyond 1.73 Billion Mind Units

Agents list at the end with pictures !
Pictures : 157 pictures, if you want to watch directly the 19 (16 main + Iceland + 2 Azores) agents fielding, it is at the end of the album. Otherwise, you’ll see beautiful pics around Western Europe !

Short Pre-Sitrep : https://plus.google.com/u/0/103313915948992830098/posts/VjDFnmmBwFM
Iceland Sitrep : https://plus.google.com/u/0/112020819446199802728/posts/WzzLydBVC4x
Germany Hanover Sitrep : https://plus.google.com/u/0/117108118787094070252/posts/fryhSZS3c7U
Germany Föhr Island RolePlay Sitrep : https://plus.google.com/u/0/112989488511598991299/posts/5GooJiBzb2e
Germany NEF Sitrep : http://goo.gl/av10Lr
Germany Rügen Sitrep : https://plus.google.com/100377572968599755992/posts/XStreRtUUxv
Germany Niedersachsen Sitrep : https://plus.google.com/u/0/+PeterGWHuehne/posts/8U35LtAcBUh
Italy Sitrep : https://plus.google.com/u/0/103334013882240480767/posts/DWg3K5M2txp
Netherlands Sitrep :
Scotland Sitrep : https://plus.google.com/u/0/106338885327893433093/posts/QNLJ5qFGGB1

Mention in Ingress Report : INGRESS REPORT - Raw Feed Sep 25 2014 - MISSIONS
More sitreps will be added as they are published !

The beginning, the challenge
Everything started at the end of June, on a ferry. I was heading to Porto Santo with #TeamMadeira   for   #EUREKA -OP (see https://plus.google.com/u/0/101815642577340126975/posts/jkxBe8diCXA). +Christian Vandendorpe  told me : I loved #Spinnaker   ! We should make another in September, after the summer ! One month later, I set up the hangout and share a first plan. Several discussions, and we finally lock the plan.
The main idea of this operation was more complex and difficult than Spinnaker 1 : the only city crossed was Mönchengladbach. This time the eastern link would get through Munich, one of the biggest city of Germany, as well as Nuremberg and Hanover. At the same time. Many people told me the plan is totally crazy and impossible. But I trusted the German Resistance, they have many dedicated players and skilled planners. The cleaning in the other countries was also hard, Spain crossed 2 cities too for instance.

Keys farming
I contacted +Nuno Virgílio Rocha  to getting a team to farm Faro Cies Lighthouse keys, as he already did for #O2J  (https://plus.google.com/u/0/112020819446199802728/posts/C7RpSH7i3D7). Then he found travelling agents to send them to Germany or Paris (and from there to Italy). +Valentina Fioretti built a team to farm Capri Island keys, while +Vincent R.  found an agent farming keys of Föhr Island. Using agents travelling  for events or summer holidays, we managed to all keys on each side at the beginning of September, ready to go. We even managed to get keys for +Vicki Ellen for an Iceland extension, and she has keys in common with +Nuno Fonseca for Azores.

France clearing his corridor
For France, the western link went through land in Calais, and Brittany. Agents showed up by themselves to tell me that they were going to le Pic de Saint Loup, a hill in the south of France, to break what remained of the green operation the night before.
I asked @Salvhorian to go there just in case of (because at this time there was no blocker), and he agreed to spend his weekend over there. In the end he did have one blocker to remove, so that was a good call. In Brittany, the usual dream team of Baden was aware of plan, and we had to deal with several artifacts even 2 days before the operation (https://plus.google.com/u/0/103313915948992830098/posts/5FKzJUjUPp4). We setup with the plan of doing a corridor link through all brittany, linking Vannes to Mont Saint Michel. Nantes clearing even added a decoy plan by fielding 3 layers over Rennes, creating a tiny corridor for the link of Spinnaker 2. They had to drive hours for that, but after having participated in Artifact #3 they didn’t mind. Everything went smoothly, the only Enlightened reaction was too late and after the field over Rennes, so they were trapped. Baden team linked from Vannes to Faro Cies in Spain to protect the sea.  France was clear at around 20.35 UTC.

Establishing the first field
We got almost every country cleared at 20.45 UTC. The only issues remaining was that the Enlightened had built a huge field over Denmark from Helgoland that was also covering Föhr ! We had agents in Norway and Germany ready to break the anchors, but the link corridor in Germany was not clear. Agents @sleipner73,@wckd and @Vibeke were at the Norway anchor 30 min before the checkpoint, hiding. As we wished not to fully reveal the plan, we decided to wait for Germany to be almost fully cleared before starting 2 of the 3 links of the field (Förh to Spain, and Capri Island to Spain), because linking too soon will decrease the chance of success. Unfortunately, that happened after the checkpoint of 21 UTC, due to last minutes blockers in Germany (remember that we had to cross 3 main cities in Germany !). Once the GO was set, 2 of the links went through, but the link from Germany to Italy did not happen, even without blockers : an agent Placed a shield by mistake, so a VRLA was place to compensate the lack of range. So we realized that problem was the real “unstable” aspect of the item, Niantic told that this item was used for linking above low density portal, but we never experienced it before. We tried with the next anchor, with 4 Rare Link Amp, and link went through ! Field established finally 1 hour after the initial plan. 

Then we started establishing layers one after one, following the link order sheet, trying to have both countries closing fields. For that, we had to be synchronized with German cities, since each corridor had to be cleared one after one. With the intel map being more and more laggy, the scanner of the agents on the edge of the fielding was buggy. People were getting the “portal under a field” error message, even without the blue sky over them. Around 4am though, an Enlightened showed up, who was on holidays on the island ! Lucky them ! He started jarvissing the portals one after another, so I asked Vincent to run to the last portal to link to Spain, for having extensions over UK and Azores.

The goal of the operation was to push the limits of what fields had been achieved in the past like it was never done before, and the mission is complete. 
People had fun, adrenaline, the mission was a real challenge and everyone enjoyed the mission. And I personally think that’s the most important part, and what will remain in memories of the agent. I would like to personally thank every single agent that took part in the operation, from the intel operators to the ground agents and the key carriers. In the last 2 hours before link time several countries were added last minute due to the Enlightened activity, they had very short brief and were able to bring help very efficiently to make this happen.

Global leading team :
@Arael, @sirVinc, @mimtwin, @Zorglubxx, @InodeGeek, @riversloth, @AD2076, @4nte, @matspa
Global OP / Sync / Link commander :@Arael

Anchors Key farming :
@NeoXander, @Pirucho, @riversloth; @Krizia, @doomboy; @Gothrat
Keys transfers :

Team Föhr :
Team Capri :

OP :@matspa
Ground agents :  @GhettoJosi, @HermannHoden, @ladehemmung, @nobodynr5, @topolina

OP :@Rezmocket, @Arael
Ground agents :

OP :
@Fragilant, @Clarity97,@DerDome,@FauliSchlumpf,@Hendrion,@jkr,@MrsBandwurm,@uditaren,@MissVortex,@DrJonnyWalker,@PolluxCastor,@jnmllr,@MisterET,@roterVogel,@MissLegat,@robb2k4, @immortalis 
@lstaken, @ThiasX, @BeLLoWaff
Ground agents :

@mimtwin, @Eysi

OP :
Ground agents :
@tapion,@NuMonkey,@Decharles,@omenetvert,@Tenmasan,@spacesun,@bmgnrs,@Orsomessico,@MikaMohawk,@Rothgar,@TheProph,@CyborgQ,@pierX,@blackangel01,@brand77tr,@cistiest,@FioRe,@Re Satana,@solenero,@matteoz991,@AdiCon,@anna1912,@Faberbi6,@KillerVenus,@mrsasy89,@NexKo,@ScarePN,@paprika77,@Daarsh,@propoli,@Trevy,@cmiki,@Jariel,@Tonyficante,@stefanox,@maubo,@greengio,@bachett5,@etoy,@Peppiniello83,@VuCCiRiA,@WarriorS

@KnightsBishop, @AKITAINU, @Rugila, @Zorglubxx  
Ground agents:
@Zorglubxx, @AgentRoka, @Crior, @ElAwrence, @rokendemacaroni, @Scroobius, @yolex, @Acooldude, @Asaatrix, @Handleiding, @Kwakkel80, @shockwaver34, @SirMicrochip, @dutchkrupse

Ground agents:

Grounds agents:

OP : 
@InodeGeek,@chaosNT,@C3PVF, @Policlates
*Grounds agents : *
@Policlates,@chaosNT,@C3PVF,@akeronte,@nyreta,@chanur,@djcrow,@Ladyvanity,@Dharryn,@bonjy,@chuminator,@FURRO,@FWatcher,@Hysterical,@hystericalgirl,@Ichuta,@indhata,@jOd3,@Overwinar,@Tansalic069,@Irartr,@Jomigo,@cheme,@dersof,@preguiza,@kulebra2000,@paff01,@elfer,@leaderpriest,@PiRiPiI,@MoreOrLess,@freelito,@Shudy,@xxMERYLxx,@Serenades,@Tanith1st,@Cerdax,@Donason,@rla8, @edyak
@Cerdax,@Donason accepted to sacrifice their guardian portals for this operation

Scotland :@AnandaUK,@Chandy,@Sheaffer
Clearing :@Shires, @Darksniper83

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