10 Commandments of Copywriting by +Rob Philbin 

Guess what? The radio science at   #TrueStoriesWithGill  is over! There is an interview with +Rob Philbin, a trained and skillful copywriter coming up this week.

Yes, I'm that brave. I'm going to write about and interview a person who will know at least 3 different ways to improve my every sentence :D

But I just couldn't let +Rob Philbin keep his knowledge all to himself!

If you want to improve your writing, - of copies or otherwise - you can't miss this interview.

This infographic is just a preview of what you should expect.

Rob will also tell us about the most common mistakes while writing a copy, what he wished he knew before he has started, and give advice to everyone who is wondering whether they have what it takes to be a (copy) writer.

Stay tuned on   #TrueStoriesWithGill  or subscribe to http://truestorieswithgill.com to get this interview delivered to your mail box.
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