What've you always wanted to ask... a LANGUAGE TEACHER?
The trickier your questions, the better!

Soon on #TrueStoriesWithGill: I’ll be talking to one of the founders of a language school and a language teacher herself. I've already prepared my (long) list of questions, but we’ll be glad to take the “questions from the audience” as well.

Have you ever had to learn a foreign language? How did it go? How many languages do you speak?

I had to learn a couple. All this vocabulary and grammar! Not to mention the moment when you finally have the courage to open your mouth and say something, and people look at you as if you are a talking horse with a lisp!

Is there anything you'd like to ask a language teacher? Ask away! Here’s your access to the “secrets of learning a language”.

We'll try to include all the questions, but the sooner you ask, the better the chances ;)

Picture credit: you won't believe it when I tell you. The language teacher in questions also does... this!
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