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If you think your website could do better but don't know what you are missing, this free website checklist will help 👉

Not only it has all components of a successful website at one glance, but it literally lets cross off & add points, track progress & add priorities so you'll never lose sight of a big picture again.
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[Business Website Tip of the Week #81]: Instead of repeating the same keyword, focus on adding valuable words associated with your topic to your article. To find such words, google your keyword and see what related terms appear in search results.

From "Content Marketing Best Practices: Content Writing in 2017" (

h/t +SEMrush

#SEO #contentMarketing #GATipOfTheDay

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Here's a load of positivity for you: You'll never read the "Llama Llama Red Pajama" story the same way again. Made me laugh out loud! 😆

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The 5 rules of highly-opened email subject lines

A short & sweet article that lists 5 psychology-based principles conversion copywriters use when creating subject lines that get opened:

#1 Be emotional
#2 Be specific
#3 Write in sentence case
#4 Make your email subjects as long as they need to be
#5 Test your subject lines

h/t +ClickZ

#emailMarketing #onlineBusiness

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[Business Website Tip of the Day #80]: A small business doesn't need a catchy website tagline. It needs a clear website tagline. And often, it doesn't need any website tagline at all.

From "How to Craft a Meaningful Tagline (for Your Small Biz)" (

h/t +Henneke Duistermaat

#onlineBusiness #copywritingTips #GATipOfTheDay


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If Earth was the size of a beach ball, what would you do to save our planet?

If Earth was the size of a beach ball, what would you do to save our planet?

"I would take out all the trash... It would be so little because of how tiny Earth would be."
Jasper, age 7

#IfEarthWasTheSizeOfABeachBall a very practical approach to the issue certainly helps!

Map data: Google, Data SIO, NOAA, US Navy, NGA, GEBCO, Image IBCAO, Image U.S.G.S, Image Landsat.

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This is a beautiful piece written by a mother of a boy who suddenly realized that men who disrespect and harass women do that not because they are men, but because they are men who never learned to emphasize with women:

"Boys who grow up feeling confident, loved, respected, and trusted don’t need to seek hypermasculine security blankets to confirm who they are. They don’t need to harass or exert authority over women to prove their worthiness. They don’t feel threatened by a society that places value on equality and fairness. They become leaders who embrace their truest nature, and in turn, their truest strengths. This, at least, is my hope.

If we as women, as feminists, as participants in a liberal nation must uplift our daughters, then we also must uplift the men they will one day encounter. I’m starting with my son."

A wonderful article. Give it a read.

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Stunning photography by +Rosie Nixon! A beautiful reminder that there is another world in our gardens!
Geum rivale 'Leonard's Variety' and the 7 spot ladybird

#macrophotography   #flowerphotography  

Sharing another one of my ladybird images from last year this time on a single geum flower.  

There are always more here:

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[Business Website Tip of the Day #79]: Don't just send your email subscribers the same content you publish on your website. Send them some exclusive content: * An answer to a question. * A quick tip * A new tool recommendation * Bullet points advice on a particular topic.

From "4 Easy Emails That Will Help You Engage New Subscribers" (

#emailMarketing #onlineBusiness #GATipOfTheDay

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