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Gilbert Isla
So many passions and so little time in one life.
So many passions and so little time in one life.


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[SOLD] This item needs a home: Call of Cthulhu Horror on the Orient Express boxed set KS edition. I'm asking $200 which includes priority mail shipping (this thing is a heavy beast).

This has the heavy cardboard simulacrum prop, some passports and other paraphernalia. This does not have the T-shirt or specialty dice. It's in great shape, I cracked the box open to make sure everything was present, but never used it. I really, really dont' want to be passing this along (I've now owned the scenario 4 different times but have had to pass it on each time) but adult needs demand it.

Thanks for looking guys.

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Updated list of things that need to get turned into cash and re-homed:

New Items

Dragon Age hardback core book - $35

Rein: A Game of Lords and Ladies (Stolze) hardback - $25

Deliria: Faerie Tales for a New Millenium hardback - $25

Pulp Fantastic (Vortex/Dr. Who RPG system) hardback - $25

Inscrutable Puzzlements paperback - $18

Horror on the Orient Express KS boxed set (message me if interested in this)

Old Items

Changeling 20th anniversary KS special limited edition - $100

Dawning Star (FATE system) - $28

Shadowrun 5th edition runners toolkit boxed set - $35

Shadowrun 5th edition Seattle boxed set - $38

MOST (but not all) items include media mail shipping. A photostream can be found here:

If you're interested in any of these items send me a message to bislab at gmail dot com.

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Pigsmoke Session 9 is in the feed:
Pigsmoke Session 9 | Of Steam, Steel and Murder
Pigsmoke Session 9 | Of Steam, Steel and Murder

In need of paying down some medical debt from an unexpected ER visit. Help a brother out and gets some great games! All prices include media mail shipping to US locations.

Changeling 20th anniversary edition - limited edition KS version w/ gilded edges, hardback, full color $100

[sold] Changeling the Lost 2nd edition - limited edition KS version - $50

[Sold] Lexoccultum KS set (Alter Ego, Roi-De_Rats, Great Mysteries of Ubel Staal, Core book, packet of character sheets) - 70$

[sold] Cold Shadows and Cities in Shadow supplement - KS version, still in shrink - $20

[sold] Dragonheresy for 5th edition, KS version - $30

[sold] Burning Wheel Gold edition and Codex - hardbacks great condition - $40

Dawning Star FATE of Eos - KS, full color version - $28

[sold] Thieves World Player's manual D20 (Green Ronin) - $12
[sold] Thieves World Guide to Sancutary D20 (Green ROnin) - $15

Shadowrun 5th edition - Runners Toolkit boxed set - $35

Shadworun 5th edition - Seattle boxed set - $38

[sold] Shadowrun 5th ed Run faster sourcebook - $20

[sold] Shadowrun 5th ed Howling Shadows sourcebook - $28

[sold] Lesser Shades of Evil, hardback - $25

Warhammer Fantasy RPG 3rd ed. Creature Gude - $10

Photo stream here

+Gothridge Manor delivers the goods quickly and well packed!

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The Wages of Sin session 3 is in the feed

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I've started a MeWe site for the podcast. If you want to follow along there, here is a link:

I'll be using that and Discord to inform folks of games and game openings.

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With G+ on life support, I've decided to add MeWe as another social networking site for the podcast :

Game at 9:00pm eastern tonight?

+robert lambert delivers the goods, well packed and in excellent condition. Thanks for helping me fill out my collection!
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