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#DocuSign is wicked awesome... And handy. Getting work done while relaxing.

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Wow! What do you think about the new Solar Roof and the new Powerwall 2?

Quick question before I start troubleshooting my 5X on the 7.1.1... Anyone having trouble with Always-On Google Voice Detection? When I went to my settings to check it, I noticed that it was in the off position. I then tried to re-enable it, but it switches itself off again a moment later.

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Some nice words of praise from Charles Schwab. #Chromebook
Learn how +Charles Schwab transformed the way people work with the power of Chromebooks:

Let's talk about the Tesla Model 3 everyone! Did you reserve one? What have you done to prepare? I made a space for us on Google. Join me,

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Let's see how many people can be convinced by this article... 

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So, does the guy make sense? What do you think? He is one of those people that lingers in the back of your mind.

Okay guys, I just accepted an invitation to this community, and it looks awesome!  Glad to be here... Okay, now aside from that,  I don't know who the owner of this Community is, but I did get to see some pretty personable pictures when I clicked on the Members "See all" button.  Am I the only one seeing this, or is everyone else seeing the same?

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This is definitely a unique experience.  I just tried it for about two minutes.  The calibration for my N5X seems to be off though.  Anyone having success with their phone?  Let me know also if you have an N5X, and what you did.

Hello everyone, I am probably one of the worst people to try and use Project Fi because of my lack of good T-Mobile or Sprint signal in my area, however I am just too excited to see Google enter the market to disrupt things. Are there any other users that are in the same boat? If so, please tell me how your experience has been so far. I should be activating my service by no later than tomorrow, seeing as I just received my SIM in the mail yesterday, and my service with my prior provider ends Tuesday. Cheers.
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