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Want to share your location with me on Google+? Turn it on here:

Join FR:

Add an API to Join to send notifications from other services using something like a token , the message, the name of the service and the name of the device(s) you want to send it to.

This way jou can use it like notify my android or Growl etc to send notifications when a download has finished etc

Feature request sfor Join:

- set duration of showing of notifications

- (temp) disable/snooze notifications (for x time or "from" of "to")

Feature request for Join:

When adding a new device suggest and set names like

Gijs's phone
Gijs's chrome @ <name of PC>
Gijs's chrome @ <name of Laptop>

And ask if notifications other known device must be send to this new device

Feature request for Join:

Group (shared) devices to send them the same text msg/link/file at the same time

=> Friends
- Tom's chrome
- Tom's phone
- Anna

=> Work
- Peter
- John

Feature request for Join:

Send files/links etc to multiple devices (own and shared) at once

Feature request for Join:

When re-registering a device on Join remember the previously registered device names (stop adding Chrome as a device name)

Feature request for join:

Share one or more device(s) (checkboxe(s)) using your phone contacts.

I understand in Android 5- you'll have to add a extra (use contactinfo) permission at install time but (From Andriod 6 you can ask for this permission at runtime).

Using Join to do actions like reply, delete, mark read, dismiss android notifications

Using Join Replying to WhatsApp, Telegram, Google Hangout etc notifications would be nice.

Or if that's hard to implement.. Just making the notification a clickable url that relays to WhatsAppweb, Telegram Web etc..
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