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Gig Wyatt
Criminal Defense Attorney, Salem, Oregon
Criminal Defense Attorney, Salem, Oregon

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DUI Defense for Fatal Auto Crash
The linked article provides an excellent reason why a strong defense is needed in a DUI arrest, especially when involving other serious charges. Ten years in prison is a long time.
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After DUI Arrest, PGA Tour player Steven Bowditch makes bail and still plays in golf tournament.
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Most Commonly Related DUI Charges
If you are arrested for a DUI in Salem Oregon chances are that you may be charged with more than a DUI. Related offenses are common due to the nature of the incident and having a good defense attorney is a smart move.
View our web page to see the list of possible related offenses and be prepared if you plan to drink and drive during the holidays.
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DUI Awareness During Holidays
Increased patrols, checkpoints, and police arrests occur during the holidays for DUI. The most DUI arrests traditionally have occurred on New Years Eve. If you plan to drink and drive, consider having a defense attorney's telephone number handy in case you are arrested.
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The DUI Checkpoint Video the Whole Internet is Talking About
Rights, procedure, and excellent DUI defense information.
"Note the police asked if he was an attorney.  Interesting that they feel they can intimidate anyone unless they know the law. Nicely done, young man." Gig Wyatt, DUI Defense Attorney, Salem, Oregon

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The DUI Wikipedia Article
this article in Wikipedia explains DUI, Blood Alcohol Content (BAC), and many other definitions and descriptions of everything involved in DUI arrests and incidents. Includes a definition of DUI attorneys.
"DUI lawyers are criminal law attorneys who specialize in DUI law. They can be hired to defend or otherwise assist people who are arrested for driving under the influence charges, in understanding DUI laws and making informed decisions about how to plead in a DUI case. Since DUI laws are constantly changing, a criminal defense lawyer who practices DUI law also helps to protect the legal rights of an individual facing a DUI charge. DUI lawyers may contest the legality of the charge or challenge technical aspects of the field testing or BAC testing procedure."
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Lost DUI Video Recording 
A video that stopped recording caused a possible suppression of evidence ruling in DUI case.  
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DUI Defense - Case Dismissed
Another DUI defense case won for a client.
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DUI Defense - Quick Survey
If you were arrested for a DUI , would you call a DUI Defense Attorney ?

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News of Sex Crimes Around the World
Selected articles describing various sex crimes in different countries including the U.S.
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