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To all of our friends, customers, partners, and vendors, thanks for a great ride.... We're shutting down

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What do donors want? It's not as complex as you might think.

Say hello to our new logo. :)

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This webinar will explain a little bit about how theme development works in GiftFold and help you get started.

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We're interested in seeing how the .NGO domain will do in relation to .ORG. Does your organization plan on buying?
An important note for #nonprofits and #NGOs:

In less than a year, Public Interest Registry will be launching .NGO and .ONG – the exclusive domains for local and global non-governmental organizations looking to advance their missions and inspire their communities.

Public Interest Registry is the longstanding operator of one of the original TLDs – .ORG – and continues to maintain this database. We view .NGO/.ONG as a complimentary extension of the .ORG family.

What are the benefits of acquiring a .NGO/.ONG domain name?
• Increase brand equity. Because .NGO/.ONG is a validated domain; it would be advantageous to use that extension as instant recognition that your organization is an authenticated NGO.
• In addition, by having a .NGO/.ONG domain address, you will automatically be entered into Public Interest Registry's online directory of NGOs. We are in the process of building an online portal -- think of this as a community hub for NGOs -- that not only allows these groups to find one another (by name, region, cause) and communicate about important issues, but it will also allow them to be found by donors, volunteers, and potential business partners. 

You might be wondering, “Do I have to switch from .ORG to .NGO?” The answer to this is NO! We encourage (validated) NGOs to have both #domain names active so that they can experience the benefits listed above, and so that they can maintain #brand equity. Since your organization has already invested in building a brand under .ORG, there is no reason to eliminate this equity. Your supporters already recognize you as a .ORG, and we believe that there is great value to maintain to recognition.  

So, how do you do you learn more about .NGO/.ONG?

First, we ask that you submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) so that we know you are looking to have one or both of these domains. It’s not only quick, simple and free, but more importantly, it is one of the smartest things you can do to ensure a successful registration when we do officially launch the extensions in 2014. 

When .NGO/.ONG becomes available, there will be rules and guidelines, as well as a launch sequence, which dictates who (trademark owners, early adopters, and the general public, etc.) can register, and when. The benefits of submitting an EOI include:
• Email updates on developing information regarding all launch processes by Public Interest Registry, the authoritative operator of the .NGO/.ONG domain extension.
• An alert service containing relevant and important data pertaining to the registration process of .NGO/.ONG, such as how to register for the Trademark Clearinghouse and requirements for participation in early registration.
• Exclusive news on any offers from authorized companies handling the registration of .NGO/.ONG at launch time.

We truly believe that .NGO/.ONG will bring a new dynamic and functionality to the online space. Now we just need help sharing our message so that nonprofits and NGOs know that they are not alone, and that they will have a global #community to turn to in an effort to grow sustainably, raise funds, and collaborate with potential business partners.

If you or anyone you know are affiliated with a nonprofit or NGO, please pass this message along and visit to stay updated on important information.

Thank you! 

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For those of us here in the States (and to our friends up north in Canada), happy Labor Day!

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