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We LOVE working with #RobinSpiers and his real estate team. We are delighted to be included in his systems for ensuring that he delights his customers with each and every purchase.

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The Team at the Ramage Group profiling their personalized system for celebrating the important milestone of the real estate purchase and we happened to make it into their video!

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We are excited to have placed our very first order with the Level Ground coffee company.
Why is this exciting?  

First of all, Noreen of The Gift Designers is particularly passionate about helping families and business owners in the Congo and learned that Level Ground is buying coffee from farmers and roasting the product right here in Canada, on Vancouver Island.  

Level Ground is one of our new suppliers because what they are doing matches our mandate to start supporting entrepreneurs (in this case specifically farmers) in developing countries around the world.

What are we doing? We will be creating specific fair trade & "upcycling" packages for you to choose from, we will now be including Level Ground's coffee in our gift baskets and we will also be selling their coffee individually.

Stay tuned for more information on Level Ground once it has arrived in our Shop and for more vendor partners just like Level Ground!

Interested in learning about Level Ground?  Learn more here:
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Always humbled and grateful when our Clients choose to take the time to share their experience with us.  Way to go Carolyn at expressing your gratitude to your Customers; you made a lasting impression for sure!

We received overwhelming response today from all three recipients thanking us for the amazing baskets!!  

We're thinking that you may want to start including a pair of replacement socks in your baskets 'cause you knocked everyone's off today!!

Again, thank you so much for your attention to detail and for making these baskets special!!

Carolyn, Calgary, July 2014

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The Gift Designers has been waiting for an "opportunity" just like this!  We can't wait to discover exactly how we will be involved. 
Check this out:

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Although the stats are varied, the business buzz is that it is more costly to attract new clients to your business than it is to keep a client.  Some say 3-4 times more expensive while others quote up to 30 times more costly.

Wherever the stats accurately fall, the theory holds true for our company as we have learned over the last dozen years that it certainly takes a lot more time, money and strategic energy to attract new customers to our business all the while once a customer has a taste of The Gift Designer process they are more easily 'convinced' ;) to return and do business with us time & time again.  

Does this ring true for your company?  Perhaps the %'s vary from industry to industry or it may depend on your particular product and the buying cycle (ie.  does your service or product warrant return business).

The questions business owners must ask themselves:  

What am I doing to ensure that my Customers come back time & time again?
What systems do I have in place to express gratitude for my Clients business?
Do I have a strategy to communicate with customers that I have not heard from in a certain period of time?

Perhaps you have some additional questions and you'd like to add to this post!  Please do.

The role we take at The Gift Designers is to help strategize with you what systems you need to put in place so that you experience repeat transactions with your customers. Once a strategy is mapped out The Gift Designers steps in to help implement as many of those steps that we can.

Interested in a brainstorming session for your business?  Give Noreen Ward a call.  (403) 201-5021

Read here for articles/books on acquisition vs retention:

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