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Here's a quiet little battle that needs more attention. Amazon, working through a small, local utility called Umatilla Electric Cooperative, is pushing to undermine Oregon's strong clean energy laws.

Meanwhile, Google, Apple, Facebook and Rackspace all want more clean energy from Oregon, not less. This stuff matters. It's this energy that feeds a lot of our plusses and posts here. Data centers could also consume nearly 10 percent of all the Northwest's energy by 2030.

Amazon, get with the program, man. You should be leading on this front, not skulking in the shadows. 

More background: Data centers proliferate in Oregon, and power planners raise a red flag

Fun fact: While Google is a high profile user of computer servers, less than 1% of electricity used by data centers worldwide was attributable to that company’s data center operations. (source:

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That's Bezos for you.  He located his business in Washington because of the high number of tech workers and the low customer-base for his potential products.  He actively studied ways to avoid taxes as a competitive advantage.  Only a few years ago, he helped bankroll opposition to a millionaires tax in Washington which would have raised billions for schools.

Amazon is well known as a civic scrooge, and it starts at the top -- with Bezos -- who mistakenly believes that he built his empire with little help from anyone - least of all the public sector - and that he deserves to keep it all for himself.
+Gideon Rosenblatt He's an urbanist because it helps him get and keep talent. Vulcan is the developer and property owner - and their urban-vision is one that supports creative and tech classes. In short, I think Amazon won't have a negative impact on the neighborhood in the same way they've hurt retail, etc. I feel like it comes down to Bezos calculus with respect to his net worth. 
Wow - let's face it GreenPeace is good at articulating a one-sided argument; but it's still shocking that while Google and even Apple have lead on efforts to power the cloud with clean energy, Seattle based Amazon is lambasted for being a laggard. One line was particularly damaging "while Google is working to reduce its footprint, Amazon doesn't even report theirs" -ouch

Yeah, the other piece at the bottom of the post is less opinionated, +Kevin Hagen. But it is interesting how Amazon seems to be on its way to  building itself a reputation that is not very positive on many counts. 
What +David Hiller said. Amazon is a biz school case study made real. As +The Economist pointed out many years ago, Amazon isn't a retailer, it's a software company that ships goods. They have extracted or reduced a lot of the costs associated with retail (no stores, no sales people).

I wonder how close they are to full automation, no humans involved, on an order. You press the button, and everything else, from the payment process, the order picking and boxing, to the handoff to the shipper, is all done by machines. Sounds great but where are the jobs for consumers to get the money to be able to press the order button?

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