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Crowd-Funding Movies

This looks pretty interesting: a new approach to financing films.

Launched in 2012, Slated is the next-generation online marketplace for investing in film — an exclusive community platform designed to connect investors with a global network of filmmakers and industry professionals.

For investors & industry professionals, Slated provides access to a socially-vetted marketplace of high-quality films and filmmakers. Slated makes it easier to follow a film's progress, by tracking trusted people and their portfolios, and to receive targeted updates that will help them find their next great film.

For filmmakers, Slated provides a level of validation for their projects and a platform to promote their films to an active audience including investors, distributors, and sales agents.
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Excellent - Thanks for sharing, Gideon. I will share this with colleagues in the biz.
Thanks for the share. This is great news. It continues to blow my mind how entire industries are reinventing themselves and creating a culture where anyone with an idea can and will be heard (and with increasing frequency, financed!)
I literally had a conversation with a friend last night about this idea! I was thinking a hybrid of Bandcamp and Kickstarter to take power away from studios and networks and give it to the creatives. I'd love to see a platform that could remove the restrictions from creative works in feature film and episodic format and allow the audience to vote on what they want to see with their wallets.

Glad to see it's being done!
We're slowly (yet quickly) becoming a world where accountability is becoming micro-granular. In a good way. Also, I can't wait to "invest" in my first film and bask in how cool it will be to ultimately buy a ticket to see it in a theater!
I think this is a great idea. Imagine the possibilities ...
Anything to put more power in film-making into the little guys hands, and take away from dumbed-down Hollywood movies with a gazillion USD budget.
We are witness to the beginning of the end for stupid formulaic trash!
The traditional approach to film-making is so legacy bound it is ripe for disruption. It would take just one huge success funded this way to start changing things fro good. Great post +Gideon Rosenblatt
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