I don't know everyone in this circle, but I do know most of them, and they are good folks.

Yes, I am in this circle. But don't let that scare you. Thanks +Jack C Crawford for sharing this.
Nifty Fifty Circle
If you look at our planet from high orbit, it looks like a circle. On a macro level, it's actually a bumpy sphere, with its contents held close by the forces of gravity created by a massive core.
And that is why circles are inadequate in representing complex relationships. You know, the bumpy ones.
This circle represents my inner core in CircleLand (otherwise known as G+Land).
My space is so complex, there's no way to capture it, but I wanted you to get to know the folks who create gravity in my world, who generate warmth and who quite frankly stir things up more than I ever imagined was possible.

Note to the core: I clicked "notify." Pls pardon the interruption. We shall now return to our regularly scheduled programming.
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