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This will mean a very large influx of new people using Google+ starting next week. Of course, not all these 490 million YouTube users will wander over and start exploring G+ right away, but we should all be prepared for a significant shift - and how it might change the "culture" of the current experience here.
Google Will Have 490 Million Users Ready To Move To Google+ on March 1 (an interesting comment +charles vaz left on one of my posts)

"The unified merge has a bigger business reason - to tackle Facebook's 800 million strong user-base! Google+ will effectively almost have at least 490 million users ready to move to Google+ on March 1.

When all the Google sites merge - the google accounts would all be almost folded into 1 google+ account per user account!

So definitely all those guys with YouTube accounts for which Google already paid $1.65 Billion would almost automatically have google+ accounts

So, It's gonna be magical on March 1st for Google+ - 490 million unique users from YouTube would almost automatically jump into Google+ and assuming that is a superset of all existing Google+ users today - Google+ will effectively have close to 490 million users almost automatically on March 1.

So effectively all those facebook users posting YouTube videos on Facebook would automatically have Google+ accounts!

When the user's log in brings the user directly to a toolbar with google+ nearby - its at the doorstep. Google is free so Google+ can just use the single sign on to call these users as Google unified users - albeit whatever the service the user actually uses.

Remember at the end of Dec 2011 - Google+ had only 62 million users. So this is definitely a huge step in the right direction! " - +charles vaz

Let's remember that Google+ has now more than 100million users

and the number of Google+ fans for the site's top 100 brands grew at a 1,400% pace last month seeing an increase of 3.1 million in their circles (link via +Steve Faktor and +Robert E. del Sol)

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There's a thought. I am not sure that I agree with this analysis.
I will have my Block Hammer at the ready and senses keen to even the slightest hint of YouTube quality commenting.
Thumbs up if you agree with this really obvious thing I just said.

I really hate that.
I really haven't spent a lot of time interacting with the YouTube community, but from what I have seen, it is a much harsher, less civil experience. I don't mean to be over dramatic, but this could be a big test for Google+ over this next few weeks.
It's not clear to me that they'll come over in droves. It's likely that their commenting system will remain "as is" until Google can analyse the best way to merge G+ comments into YouTube content. Most likely YT content will be posted into G+ profiles and attract separate commenting.
+Gideon Rosenblatt The less civil comments in Youtube are because ignorant people hide behind aliases. They won't be able to do that on G+, so I'm not worried about them bringing down the quality of conversations here.
Yes, +John Blossom, seems like there are a few approaches, including even just leaving old comments as is, and doing integration on a go-forward basis only.

That's a good point about the anonymity, +Allan Barry Laboucan. There are lots of reasons Google didn't go for anonymity here on G+, but it could well be that the experience there on YouTube played a factor.
NO! Not the huddled masses joining our elitist network! Raise the barricades! :-)
I had a feeling it might come off the wrong way, +Jim Preston. It's just that I've gotten use to having some pretty nice interactions with folks here, and that's pretty different from most of what I see on YouTube. Granted, though, there are bigger problems in the world than this.
+Gideon Rosenblatt Actually I'm torn between maintaining what we have and some kind of strange belief in being inclusive. I watched Twitter deteriorate and left it looking for a network like G+. I don't think I want the masses in here but they'll show up eventually as they did on Twitter.
Looking forward to it - Change & flux is always going to happen so we'll need to go with the flow.
That's one of the things I appreciate most about you, Rod. I thought I was someone who liked change, but I think you may even have me beat. Surf's up.
Good to find people of like minds:-)
The teeming hordes have been jumping aboard in a big way the past few months... this just hastens it greatly.

G+ is clearly working. Facebook should be really worried.
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