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And, yes, I realize this is my second post on fractals in just a few days. I just couldn't resist. Thank you, +Rajini Rao.

via ✒ +Kevin Barnes
Mathematics and Art: Living in the Overlap. Continuing our series on Science and Art , here are some superb examples of Fractal Art, which uses self-similar mathematical transforms of different assigned geometric properties to produce multiple variations of the shape in continually reducing patterns.

Many Thanks to +J Huntemann for the find! You can create similar images with Apophysis --a freeware Windows application (

For more, see:
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PBS had a great special on fractals. I see it come back in their line-up from time to time.
Don't fret there can never be enough fractals... I studied them as part of college (mathematics) so still have a fondness for them :) These pics are particularly good (the black background really makes the colors ping).
Agreed, +Rod Dunne. And that's cool this was a focus for you back in school. Can't say I've met too many people with that background.
Cheers - it was a progressive course with modules on crytography & coding theory too which were incredible too :) 25% of the class got hired by a single software software company on graduation. I think the lecturers (Trinity College Dublin) had a fair amaount of leeway with course content.
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